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Manny Pacquiao

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Q: Who won the fight with manny pacquiao vs miguel cotto?
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Whos's the next fight of manny pacquiao?

manny pacquiao will fight miguel cotto Nov. 14, 2009

Can Miguel Cotto Beat Manny Pacquio?

No, Miguel Cotto can not beat manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao has speed,power and also stamina both in taking a beating and also out boxing his oppenents.

How much does manny pacquiao get paid for the fight with meguel cotto?

Manny Pacquiao gets paid 1,000,000 dollars just to win a fight!!! :)

What is the day manny pacquiao vs miguel cotto figth?

today Novermber 14

How much did Miguel Cotto get paid for the fight with Manny Pacquiao?

that my dog Miguel Cotto hopefully he comes back the old way, but as for the question he got paid 6 million and hes gonna get some of the ppv money.

Who won the fight with manny paquio vs miguel cotto?


How much was cotto paid for the manny pacquiao fight?

It is stated that the fight brought him 15 million dollars.

Who will win manny pacquiao or miguel cotto?

miguel cotto, hes to big, strong and is a natural welterweight unlike manny -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pacquiao will win, since he came from a division lower than welterweight, Everytime his weight goes up, his strength goes up too

How many rounds when manny paquio won over cotto?

it took pacquiao 12 rounds to defeat cotto, after the referee ended the fight

Who will win Manny or Cotto?

I think it's going to be miguel cotto's fight. Although they both weighed in 145 pounds, Cotto's expected to weigh 155-160 pounds by the time of their fight(How can he gain 10-15 pounds in 24 hours?) So even though pacquiao is fast, Cotto will be Stronger and harder

Who is manny pacquiao's next opponent?

it's wbo welteweight champion miguel cotto, scheduled for 14 November at the mgm grand, las Vegas.

What is Manny Pacquiao?

49-3-2 prior to the cotto fight.

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