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The Spurs won the D'league Basketball finals 2014.

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Q: Who won the dleague basketball finals 2014?
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Who won the 2009 basketball finals?


Who won the basketball finals in the 2008 olympics?


Who won the 2010 NBA basketball finals?


Who won the 2011 finals in basketball?

Miami heat

What team won the Scottish League Cup finals of 2014?

The team that won the Scottish League Cup finals of 2014 was Aberdeen.

Which basketball team won the 1978-79 NBA finals?

The Seattle SuperSonics won the 1978-1979 NBA finals.

Who won the 2014 nba finals?

The San Antonio Spurs

Who won the 2008 basketball finals?

Boston Celtics defeated L.A. Lakers 4 games to 2

What country won the mens gold medal in basketball in the 1996 Olympics?

United States won the gold medal for 1996 olympic basketball by beating Yugoslavia 95 - 69 in the finals.

Who won the 1996 NCAA basketball title?

Kentucky defeated Syracuse, 76-67, in the finals to win the 1996 Division I NCAA basketball championship.

Who won the men's NCAA basketball championship in 2014?

Connecticut Huskies

Who won the 2014 NCAA men's basketball tournament?

University of Connecticut

Who won the 2004 Athens Olympics mens wheelchair basketball?

Canada won 1st place. They defeated Australia in the finals 70 - 53. Great Britain won the bronze.

Who won the NBA finals?

The Miami Heat won the 2013 NBA finals.

What is the lowest seed to make it the ncaa finals in basketball?

Villanova as a #8 seed in 1985 and won the championship game that year

Which professional basketball team has won the most NBA championships?

The Boston Celtics. They have won 17 times.The NBA teams that has won the most finals or with the most titles is the The Boston Celtics.

Who wins football FIFA World Cup 2014?

Germany won the FIFA World Cup 2014 defeating Argentina 1-0 in the Finals.

Who played in the 2014 NBA finals?

The San Antonio Spurs defeated the Miami Heat in five games (4 games to 1) to win the 2014 NBA Finals. This was the Spurs fourth championship for the franchise. San Antonio forward Kawhi Leonard won the Finals MVP.

Who won NBA finals in 2006?

The Miami Heat won the NBA Finals in 2006.

Who won the NBA finals in 1984?

The Boston Celtics won the 1984 NBA Finals.

Who won the 1988 NBA Finals?

The Lakers won the NBA finals in 1988

Who won the 1986 NBA finals?

The Boston Celtics won the 1986 NBA Finals.

Who won 1989 NBA finals?

The Detroit Pistons won the 1989 NBA Finals.

Who won the 1985 NCAA men basketball Championship?

Villanova defeated Georgetown, 66-64, in the finals to win the 1985 NCAA Division 1 basketball national championship.

Who won the 2003 NBA finals?

The San Antonio Spurs won the 2003 NBA finals