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Cowboys 24 to Giants 17

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Q: Who won the cowboys vs giants football game?
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How won the football game between Dallas Cowboys and the eagles?


When the football game eagles vs giants who won?

Eagles won.

When was the first football game play at the new dallas stadium?

The first football game played at Cowboys Stadium was a preseason contest between the Dallas Cowboys and the Tennessee Titans on Friday, August 21, 2009. The Cowboys won 30-10. The Cowboys' first regular-season home game in the new stadium was against the New York Giants on Sunday, September 20, 2009. An NFL record crowd of 105,121 attended the game, which was won by the Giants, 33-31.

Who won the first football game?

the 49ers vs the cowboys your welcome

Who won last nights football game?

tha giants

Who won the football game between Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles Saturday night?

The Dallas Cowboys won 34-14.

Giants vs cowboys who won last night 6-10pm?

who won last night [giants vs. cowboys] 6-10pm

Who won today's cowboys football game?

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 14-13, at Lincoln Financial Field.

What was the highest scoring Dallas Cowboys game?

The Dallas Cowboys highest scoring game was against the New York Giants on September 9th of 2007, and they won 45-35.

Which games did the cowboys win in 2007?

cowboys won vs colts 23-10 cowboys won vs broncos 31-20 cowboys won cowboys won vs giants 45-35 cowboys won vs dolphins 37-20 cowboys won vs bears 34-10 cowboys won vs rams 35-7 cowboys won vs bills 25-24 cowboys won vs vikings 24-14 cowboys won vs cowboys won vs eagles 38-17 cowboys won vs giants 31-20 cowboys won vs redskins 28-23 cowboys won vs jets 34-3 cowboys won vs packers 37-27 cowboys won vs lions 28-27 cowboys won vs panthers 20-13

What team won at the end of the movie The Little Giants?

The Little Giants beat the Little Cowboys.

What were the dates of the cowboys wins over the giants in the last 10 years?

In the 21 games played between The Dallas Cowboys and The New York Giants, in the past 10 years, Dallas has won 8 of them:List: (Note: Hometeam is in Bold)January 1,2012: Giants 31-Cowboys 14December 11,2011: Giants 37-Cowboys34November 14, 2010: Cowboys 33-Giants 20October 25,2010: Giants 41-Cowboys 35December 14, 2008: Cowboys 20-Giants 8November 2, 2008: Giants 35-Cowboys 14January 13, 2008: Giants 21-Cowboys 17(Note:Playoff Game. Giants win Super Bowl XLII, later against New England Patriots 17-14)November 11, 2007: Cowboys 31-Giants 20September 9, 2007: Cowboys 45-Giants 35December 3, 2006: Cowboys 23-Giants 20October 23, 2006: Giants 36-Cowboys 22December 4, 2005: Giants 17-Cowboys 10October 16, 2005: Cowboys 16-Giants 13 OTJanuary 2, 2005: Giants 28-Cowboys 24October 10, 2004: Giants 26-Cowboys 10December 21, 2003: Cowboys 19-Giants 3September 15, 2003: Cowboys 35-Giants 32 OTDecember 15, 2002: Giants 37-Cowboys 7October 6, 2002: Giants 21-Cowboys 17

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