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Steffi Graf

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Q: Who won the career golden slam in tennis?
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Who was first man to win the Golden Slam of tennis?

Actually a man has never won a Golden Slam, Steffi Graff is the only person who has achieved it.Andre Agassi won a Career Golden Slam (meaning he won the 4 grand slams plus olympic gold over his whole career, a proper Golden Slam is winning all 5 in the same year)The Williams sisters (as a doubles team) and Australian "Woodies" doubles team have also won Career Golden Slams.

How many grand slams titles did Pete Sampras win in his tennis career?

he won 14 grand slam,s in his tennis career!

A person in charge in name only?

person to have won a golden grand slam in tennis

What is it called when a player wins all four Grand Slam events and the Olympics gold medal in tennis?

A tennis player who wins the tennis Grand Slam and an Olympics gold medal in the same calendar year would be referred to as having won a "Golden Slam".

Who is Rafael Nadal?

He is one of the best tennis players of all time. He has won ten grand slam titles and completed his career grand slam at age 25.

How many grand slams has martina navratilova won in tennis?

Martina Navratilova has won 59, yes fifty nine grand slams in her tennis career. She won 18 grand slam singles titles. She has won 31 doubles titles. Finally she has won 10 mixed doubles titles for a grand total of 59 grand slams in her tennis career.

Who first won tennis grand slam?

Don Budge

In 1988 who won the tennis grand Slam and Olympic gold?

Steffi Graf completed what has become known as the "Golden Slam" by claiming the 1988 olympic gold in Seoul, South Korea to go with her victories in all four of the tennis majors of that year.

Has Rafael Nadal won a career golden slam?

Yes, he has won the US Open, French Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and the Olympics all in one year.

Who won most grand slam doubles tennis?

bryan brothers

Who won their first tennis title in a grand slam event?


Who won the French 2010 grand slam tennis?

Rafael Nadal

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