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Mario Lemieux comes to mind

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Q: Who won the Stanley cup as a player and then as a team owner?
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What is the name of the only person to have won the Stanley Cup as both an NHL player and as a NHL team owner?

Mario Lemieux, I believe

How long does each player get to keep the Stanley cup?

Each player of the winning team of the Stanley cup gets to spend a day with the cup. After all players have spent their day with it will be passed on to the team that wins next year's Stanley Cup.

What will the owner of the Blackhawks get if they win the Stanley Cup?

the owner gets to keep coaching and the Stanley cup

What player gets the stanley cup first?

The captain of the winning team.

How long does each player get the Stanley cup for?

Each member of a Stanley Cup winning team will get one full day during which they will have sole possession of the Stanley Cup.

Does every player on a nhl team get to hold the Stanley cup?

every player on the team that won the Stanley Cup finals gets to hold the Cup. it starts with the captain, who then normally passes it off to a veteran, who then passes it off to the player that steps out from the crowd and so forth.

When was the last time a team won the Stanley cup without having a player in the lineup that had previously won a Stanley cup?

1989 Calgary Flames

What first American team competed for the Stanley cup?

The first american team to compete for the Stanley cup was the Portland Rosebuds

How many times did Mario lemieux win the Stanley cup?

Three. Two consecutive Stanley Cups in the 1990-1991 and 1991-1992 seasons as team captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins and one more in the 2008-2009 season as co-owner and chairman of the Penguins. Mario Lemieux is the one person to have his name on the Cup as a player and an owner.

Who is the current holder of the Stanley cup?

As of 2009 the Stanley Cup holder team are the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Name of trophy that is awarded to the NHL's championship team at the end of playoffs?

The Stanley Cup.

What is a Stanley Cup ring?

A championship ring given to the players and staff of the Stanley Cup winning team.