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Bill Elliott, 16 times

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Q: Who won the Nascar most popular driver award the most times?
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Who is the most popular NASCAR driver?

The current most popular Nascar driver is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Bill Elliott was voted the most popular driver 16 times, the most of any driver.

Who has won more most popular NASCAR driver awards ever?

Bill Elliott, has won that award 17 times, more than any other driver in history. Bill Elliott, 16 times

How many times did Richard Petty won Most Popular Driver?

Richard Petty is one of the all-time most popular drivers in the history of NASCAR. He has won NASCARÕs most popular driver 8 times in the years 1962, 1964, 1968, 1974,1975,1976,1977, and 1978.

How many times has Dale Earnhardt Jr been selected as the favorite driver?

Dale Earnhardt Junior, who came from a long line of NASCAR Hall of Famers in the Earnhardt family, is himself awarded the Most Popular Driver Award 10 times so far. The awards are won consecutively from the year 2003 through 2012.

How many times does a Nascar driver pit during a race?

The number of pit stops is dependent upon the length of the race. The average NASCAR driver will need a pitstop every 60 miles.

Which Nascar driver won the Cup Series championship five times?

Jimmie Johnson is the only Nascar driver to win the Cup Series championship five times. Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr. won seven championships each.

Which Nascar driver has won the most times at Martinsville Speedway?

Richard Petty has the most wins at Martinsville Speedway, with 15.

Who was NASCAR's first three-time champion?

Lee Petty was the first driver to win the Nascar championship three times. He won the 1954, 1958 and 1959 Grand National Series titles.

Which driver is known as The King?

Richard Petty is nicknamed The King, is most well-known for winning the Nascar Championship seven times.

Has any driver in Nascar ever won multiple races in a row?

Yes, this was done multiple times in Nascar. Richard Petty holds the all-time record with 10 wins in a row, this was done in 1967.

How much money does a beginner NASCAR drivers make?

A beginner NASCAR driver does not usually make much money. The driver might sometimes drive without making any money. At other times the driver may make a few thousand, As drivers gain experience and become well known, they make more money.

Is a NASCAR dodge faster then a NASCAR mustang?

Sometimes it is, some times it is not.

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