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Dale Earnhardt won the 1990 NASCAR Winston Cup, his fourth of seven championships.

He finished the season with 4430 points, just edging out rival, Mark Martin by 26 points!

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Bobby Labonte won the Winston Cup Series championship in 2000 and Jeff Gordon was the 2001 champion.

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Q: Who won the Nascar Winston Cup championship in 2000 and 2001?
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Which Nascar driver won the Winston Cup championship in 2001?

Jeff Gordon was the 2001 Winston Cup champion.

Who won the NASCAR championship in 2001?

Terry Labonte won the Nascar Winston Cup Series championship in 1996.

Who won the 2001 Nascar Winston Cup Series championship?

Jeff Gordon

When was the last championship Jeff Gordon won?

Jeff Gordon won his last NASCAR Winston Cup in 2001.

How old was Jeff Gordon when he won his first Nascar championship?

Jeff Gordon turned 25 years old on August 4, 1996, prior to that he won 15 Nascar Cup Series races and 3 Nationwide Series races (formerly known as the Busch Series).

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How many Nascar Cups does Jeff Gordon have?

Jeff Gordon won four championships in Nascar (1995, 1997, 1998, 2001). It was known as the Winston Cup Series when Gordon won his championships.

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When did Dale Earnhardt Jr. win his first Nascar race?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won his first Nascar Cup Series race on April 2, 2000 at Texas Motor Speedway. He also won his first Nationwide race, then known as the Busch Series, at Texas Motor Speedway on April 4, 1998.

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NASCAR Heat - 2000 VG was released on: USA: 28 September 2000 (PC version) USA: 7 November 2000 (Playstation version) USA: 15 January 2001 (Gameboy Color version)

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How many years was Dale Earnhardt Sr. racing in NASCAR?

Dale Sr. started 676 Nascar Winston Cup Series races in 27 years. His first race was on May 25, 1975 and his last was on February 18, 2001.