Who won the NBA championship in 1995?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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The Rockets won the championship in 1995. It was the second of two championships.

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Q: Who won the NBA championship in 1995?
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Who won the 1995 NBA Championship?

The bulls won in 95

Who won the NBA championship in 1995-1996?

Houston Rockets

Who won the nba championship in the 1995-96 season?

the Chicago bulls

What team won the 1994-1995 NBA Championship?

yourr facee!

Have the Toronto Raptors won a NBA championship?

They Joined in 1995 when the good teams were around. Can't get to the championship's playing with Jordan, Kobe, Malone, Pierce, D-Wade... You know?

When has la clippers won NBA championship?

The Los Angeles Clippers have never won an NBA Championship

Which NBA players have won the most championship?

Bill Russell won the most nba championship rings

What is the fewest number of losses by a team who won the nba championship?

The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls had the best NBA record of 72-10, and they later won the NBA championship. They actually ended with the best alltime season and playoff record of 87-13

Was there ever an Eighth Seed in the NBA playoffs that won the NBA championship?

no the lowest seed that has ever won an nba championship was the 7th seed Houston rockets in the 90s. Actually, that Houston rockets team was 6th, but yes they were the lowest seeded team to ever win an nba title, in the 1995 NBA Finals

Who won the 1995 NCAA mens basketball championship?

UCLA won the 1995 NCAA Men's National Championship. They were led by future NBA performers Ed O'Bannon, Charles O'Bannon, Tyus Edney,and George Zidek.

When was the last time the clippers won the championship?

they have never won a nba championship

Who won the 2015 basketball championship?

Golden State won the NBA Championship