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Dan Hardy, by split decision.

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Q: Who won the Marcus Davis vs dan hardy fight?
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Why Marcus Davis does not like dan hardy?

Marcus Davis is an half American Irish UFC top welterweight figther who has become famous with recent victories over in the UK. Davis who is a proud Irishman has been calling the UK his "2nd home" has drawn ire from Dan Hardy who is a native Englishman. Dan Hardy has called Davis a fake Irishman (for not truly living in Ireland) which greatly offended Marcus Davis. The two have met in Cologne Germany where Dan Hardy has won a razor thin split decision over Davis. Davis was not happy.

What is Dan Hardy's UFC record?

Dan Hardy is 4-1 in the UFC he has wins over Rory Markham, Marcus Davis, & Mike Swick and his only loss coming at the hands of Georges St.Pierre.

Who won the fight gsp or dan hardy?

the one and only GEORGE ST, PEIRRE :) but we all give dan hardy credit for being hot and pooping muhahhaha

How tall is Dan Hardy?

Dan Hardy is 6'.

What is Dan Hardy's full name?

His full name is Dan Hardy.

When was Dan Hardy born?

Dan Hardy was born on 1982-05-17.

What are the release dates for The Outlaw Dan Hardy - 2012?

The Outlaw Dan Hardy - 2012 was released on: USA: 26 May 2012

The UFC fighter with a pink mohawk?

Dan Hardy?

What is the birth name of Dan Agar?

Dan Agar's birth name is Sydney Davis.

What opponents has Ben Saunders fought against?

The UFC fighter Benjamin Saunders has fought against Dan Barrera, Tom Speer, Ryan Thomas, Brandon Wolff, Dustin Hazelett, Ryan Madigan, Mike Swick and Marcus Davis.

What is Dan Hardy entrance song at UFC 95?

Happy Feet Soundtrack.

What are the release dates for The Daily Habit - 2005 Paul Iacono Owen Benjamin Dan Hardy?

The Daily Habit - 2005 Paul Iacono Owen Benjamin Dan Hardy was released on: USA: 19 May 2011