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Q: Who won the Golden boot at olympic football 2004?
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In 1986 who got golden boot in football?

Gary Lineker with 6 goals

Which player received golden shoes in 17th world-cup football in 2002?

The golden boot was won by Ronaldo.

Who is the first football player to win the golden boot twice in football world cup?

Englands Gary Lineker has won the golden boot in the 1986 world cup with 6 goals.

Who was the top scorer for world cup football in 1978?

Mario Kempes was the Golden Boot winner in 1978.

Who won the Golden Boot in the 1986 football World Cup?

Gary Lineker of England with 6 goals.

Who was born in Bulgaria and is now famous?

Hristo Stoichkov, famous football player, who won the golden boot in 1994

Who won the golden boot in euro 2012?

Spanish Football player Andreas Iniesta who plays for FC Barcelona.

Who is winner of golden boot world cup football 2010?

thomas muller got 5, david villa won silver boot with 5 and wesley sneijder won bronze boot with 5 !!

Who is the Golden Shoe awarded to football?

Golden Shoe or Golden Boot is an award given to a player scoring most goals in FIFA world cup. The award was first awarded in 1982 to Italian Footballer Paolo Rossi for scoring 6 goals in the 1982 FIFA world cup.

Who won the euro golden boot award in 2012?

Spanish football player Andreas Iniesta who plays for FC Barcelona.

When was I-League Golden Boot created?

I-League Golden Boot was created in 2007.

Who was the golden boot winner in 1966?

Eusebio won the 1966 Golden Boot Award.See the related link below for more Golden Boot information.