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Yevgeny Aleksandrovich Kafelnikov won the MEN's FRENCH OPEN TENNIS in 1996

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Q: Who won the French Open Men's Singles in 1996?
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Who won the mens singles title at the 2012 French Open?

The winner for 2012, French Open was Rafael Nadal.

Who won the mens singles French Open tennis 2009?

roger federer

Who won the French Open six times and holds the record for mens singles?


What tennis player has won the most mens singles french championships?

Rafael Nadal has won the most number of singles title at French Open.

Who was the French Open mens singles champion from 1978 to 1981?

Bjorn Borg was the Men's Singles Champion at the French Open in each year between 1978 and 1981.

Who won the French Open Women's Singles in 1996?

Steffi Graf (Germany).

What is the greatest match played at the US Open tennis?

1996 Mens Singles Quarterfinal between Pete Sampras and Alex Corretja of Spain.

How many players are there in the Australian Open mens singles?


Who won Australian Open mens singles in 2005?

Marat Safin.

Who won the 2002 Australian Open mens singles?

Thomas Johansson

Who are the winners of French Open 2009?

Mens Singles - Roger FedererWomens Singles - Svetlana KuznetsovaMens Doubles - Leander Paes and Lukas DlouhyWomens Doubles - Anabel Medina Garrigues and Virginia Rauno Pascaul

With 6 titles who has won most French Open mens singles titles?

Bjorn Borg has won the French Open 6 times (1974-75, 1978-81). This does not include the time period before 1968, when the tournament was referred to as the French Championships. The French Championships were not "Open" to players that were not members of french tennis clubs or french nationals.