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neither won the fight because the system was unfair in the trial confessions.

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Q: Who won the Fight Between George st Pierre and Josh Koscheck?
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Who won the first fight between george st prirer and koscheck?

george st. Pierre gsp only lost to Matt hughes and Matt serra so far

Does George St Pierre uses supplements?

Shark Cartilage and Coconut Water but couldn't understand the 1st supplement he was taking due to his accent in the UFC Countdown for Josh Koscheck fight.

Who will win the fight between GSP and Jake Shields?

George St. Pierre

Who won the fight between George St. Pierre and Jake Shields?


Did georges st Pierre win koshcheck?

Yes. Georges St-Pierre defeated Josh Koscheck during the one fight they had. The fight happened at the UFC 124 event and it lasted a full 5 rounds. The fight was close but GSP won the fight by unanimous decision. The fight was also declared the fight of the night of the UFC 124 event.

Who won the ufc george st Pierre fight sat December 11th?

george st. Pierre

Did george st Pierre lose his last fight?


Who won the St. Pierre Vs Kohsheck fight 2010?

George St Pierre Won By Round 5 Unanimous Decision

Who won UFC 124 gsp or koscheck?

GSP won. The fight went the distance and he won by unanimous decision.

How much money did gsp get for fighting hendrck?

GSP (George St-Pierre made five million dollars to fight Hendrick.

How much does george st Pierre earn per fight?

lots of people say 1.000 but don't think that because there wrong!The right answer is go to much money did George st Pierre make on last fight?.com If they don't have it i don't know what to tell you hope hat answers question. Internet I click you goodbye

Who did Georges St-Pierre fight last?

GSP has lost twice as of 2010 1- Oct. 22, 2004 at UFC 50 to Matt Hughes by first round submission 2- Apr. 7, 2007 at UFC 69 to Matt Serra by first round TKO Source: