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Aston Villa and Manchester United faced off in the 2009-10 Carling Cup final on February 28, 2010. Manchester United won the match 2 - 1, despite going behind after five minutes courtesy of a James Milner penalty, Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney scored a goal each in the first and second half to pull the score to its final result.

The game was watched by 88596 spectators.

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Q: Who won the Carling Cup match between Aston Villa and Manchester United on February 28 2010?
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Who did Manchester United beat in the Carling cup final in February 2010?

Aston Villa, 2-1.

How many Manchester United win the Carling?

They have never.

Which years did Manchester united win the premier league?

Manchester United won the Carling Cup in 2003, 2009, and 2010.

When was the last time Manchester United won a major trophy?

Manchester United won the Carling Cup in 2010. However, the Carling Cup has never been considered a "major" trophy. Even if it were, the answer would be wrong, as Manchester United won the Premier League in 2011.

How menny times has Manchester united won carling cup?

7 times

Who won the carling cup 2010?

Manchester United ( 2nd time in a row ) One of the best teams in the world.

Who win the carling cup in 2008?

Manchester united have won it 2 times in a row 2007-2008 and 2008-2009

Who has won the most matches in a manchster United and City encounter?

As of February 10th, there have been 149 Competitive meetings between Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester United have won 59 and City have won 41, with them sharing 49 draws.

What trophys have Manchester united football club won in 2009?

Manchester United have won the Carling cup in2009, they beat Tottenham Hotspurs 4-1 on penalties after the score was tied after 30 minutes of extra time.

How many penalty shoot-outs has Manchester united won this season?

Two, Portsmouth (Community Shield) and Tottenham (Carling Cup Final)

Who played Manchester United Feb 21st 2008?

Manchester United had no fixture on the 21st of February in 2008. They played Olympique Lyon in the Champions League on the 20th of February and Newcastle United in the Premier League on the 23rd of February.

Who won more cups between Manchester united and Barcelona?

manchester united