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In the 2012-2013 season, these are the teams in the Barclays Premier League:

Manchester City

Manchester United


Tottenham Hotspurs






Queens Park Rangers

Swansea City


Stoke City



Wigan Athletic

West Ham

West Bromwich Albion

Aston Villa


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Manchester United - season 2008/9

Chelsea Football Club - season 2009/10

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Arsenal were the Barclays Premier League winners in 2001.

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Manchester United.

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Q: Who won the Barclay's premier league trophy 2010-11?
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What is the prize for barclays premier league?

* A trophy.

When was Premier League Asia Trophy created?

Premier League Asia Trophy was created in 2003.

What is the richest trophy in English football?

the n-power championship play-off trophy. the winning team earns €78.3 million as a result of progressing to the Barclays Premier League.

How will a team get after winning premier league?

A trophy

What is the name the premier league trophy?


Which team has won the Barclay's premier league for keeps?

No team has been awarded the Premier League trophy for longer than the season they are champions. The only possible exception was the specially commissioned gold Premier League trophy awarded to Arsenal in the unbeaten season of 2003/04. Most teams commission a replica trophy to be retained in their trophy cabinets.

Who was the last current premier league team to win a trophy?


How moch is premier-league and uefa champions league trophies?

ITHINK the champions league trophy is highly costly

How much did the winner of the 20102011 english premier league cup get?

The Premier League trophy as well as the gold EPL badges on their jerseys, not to mention a huge bonus.

What trophies have Manchester United won?

They won the FIFA club world cup the premier league trophy the champions league trophy the carling cup and i think they won the Europa league.

Was there any year when the England premier league trophy presentation held on an away ground of the champions?


Did arsenal get to keep the golden premier league trophy?

Yes, since it was commissioned for Arsenal AFTER the end of the season. It's a property of Arsenal and can be found in the trophy cabinet at the Emirates Stadium.