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Auburn 22 - Oregon 19

Auburn wins the 2011 BCS championship continuing the SEC domination of the championship bowl games.

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Q: Who won the BCS Championship in 2011?
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Who won the 2011 BCS Championship Game?

Auburn University

What college won the first BCS national championship?

LSU won the first BCS National Championship.

How many BCS championships has bama won?

In the BCS era, Alabama has won two BCS National Championship Games; 2010 and 2012 with the two championships corresponding to the 2009 and 2011 seasons.

Who won the 2006 bcs championship?


Who won the BCS championship in 2006?


Who won the BCS national championship game in 1995?

The first BCS Championship game was played in 1998. The winner of this game was Tennessee from the Southeastern Conference. Nebraska won the championship in 1995, before the inception of the BCS.

Who won the first BCS championship?

Tennessee Voulnteers

Who won the 2009 BCS Championship?

me u dumb@$$

Who won the 1999 BCS championship?

Florida State

Who won the BCS championship?

Alabama beat Texas

Where will there 2011 Bcs National Championship Game be?


How many football BCS championships has USC won?

USC has 11 National Championships in men's football but only one BCS Championship in 2004.But this one win will be taken away shortly due to NCAA violations regarding Reggie Bush. I separated this question back out from "How many football BCS championships has USC won" because they are two different questions. When the BCS takes away USC's single BCS championship, it will not change the fact that they won it. They will still have won a BCS championship, but they will not have a BCS championship.

Have the louisville cardinals ever won the BCS football championship?

They have not

How many time has fl won the BCS championship?


Has Texas Tech ever won a BCS Championship bowl?

No they have not

Who won the BCS championship in 2012?

Alabama 22 - 0

When did Auburn win the BCS National Championship?

Auburn won the 2011 BCS National Championship Game 22-19 over the Oregon Ducks on January 10, 2011. This was the first BCS national title in school history. Auburn was also named national champions by the Associated Press in 1957.

What is the halftime entertainment at the 2011 BCS national championship?


Who won the 2002 BCS championship?

The Miami Hurricanes defeated Nebraska in the BCS championship on January 3rd, 2002. Note that this was the championship of the 2001 season. The champions of the 2002 season were the Ohio State Buckeyes, who defeated Miami in the 2003 BCS championship.

NCAA football champs?

Alabama won the national BCS championship.

Which school won the first BCS Championship Game 1998?


How many BCS championships does The Tennessee vols have?

The bcs has only been around since 98 Tennessee won the first bcs championship

What does BCS as in BCS Championship mean?

Bowl Championship Series

Who did Florida play in 1996 for the BCS championship?

The BCS was only introduced in 1998.In 1996 Florida won the national championship after beating FSU in the Sugar Bowl.

Who will be performing at the 2011 bcs championship game?

The 2011 BCS Championship Game is played on January 10, 2011. This is the championship game of the 2010 college footall regular season. It hosts #1 Auburn from the SEC and #2 Oregon from the PAC 10.