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Tiki Gelana from Ethiopia with a new Olympic Record time of 2:23:07

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2012-11-07 22:56:56
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Q: Who won the 2012 olympic men marathon?
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What man and women won the 2008 Olympic marathon?

Men: Samuel Wanjiru Women: Constantina Diţă-Tomescu

How many males and females have won the Olympic marathon?

27 Olympic marathons have been contested in the men's division, 8 in the women's division. Performance lists are found at these 2 URLs -

Who won 1992 Olympic marathon bronze medal?

Men: Stephan Freigang, GermanyWomen: Lorraine Moller, New Zealand

Who won olympic marathon twice in succession?

Two men have won two consecutive Olympic Marathons:Abebe Bikila (Ethiopia, 1960 and 1964)Waldemar Cierpinski (East Germany, 1976 and 1980)

Who won the 100 meter men in the last London Olympics?

In the 1948 Olympic Games the men's 100m was won by Harrison Dillard (USA). In 2012 Usain Bolt (Jamaica) won.

Who won 1996 olympic marathon silver medal?

Men: Lee Bong-Ju, Japan. Women: Valentina Yegorova, Russia.

Was there a marathon in the 1992 Olympic games?

Yes ... Hwang Yeong-Jo of South Korea won the men's competition and Valentina Yegorova of the Unified Team won the women's competition.

Who won the bronze medal in the 2004 olympic marathon?

Men: Vanderlei de Lima, Brazil Women: Deena Drossin-Kastor, United States

Who won the Silver Medal in Men's Marathon for athletic events at the London 2012 Olympics?

Abel Kirui Kenya (KEN)

Who won the Bronze Medal in Men's 10 km marathon for Swimming at the 2012 Summer Olympics?

Richard Weinberger Canada (CAN)

Who won the Gold Medal in Men's Marathon for athletic events at the London 2012 Olympics?

Stephen Kiprotich Uganda (UGA)

Won the olympic marathon three times?

No one has won the Olympic marathon more than twice. This feat has been done twice by Abebe Bikila (1960 & 1964) and Waldemar Cierpinski (1976 & 1980)

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