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Q: Who won the 2012 SEC women Softball Tournament?
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Who won the 2009-2010 sec tournament?

The Auburn Tigers are the current SEC champions.

How many national titles does Alabama have in all sports?

Football 14 National titles (this is a highly debatable number but the University and any Alabama fan will give you this answer). Auburn fans and Bama haters will argue this is inflated and only recognize 9. Women's golf 1 NC (in 2012) Women's softball 1 NC (in 2012-only SEC school to ever win a Softball NC. Also this was the fourth NC for Alabama within a 5 month span including football, gymnastics, women's golf and then softball) Gymnastics 6 NCs

Who won sec women's tennis in 2000?

In 2010, the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Women's Tennis Champions was the University of Florida. The runner-up was the University of Georgia. Florida came into the tournament as the number 2 seed while Georgia came in as the 1 seed.

How many teams from SEC were invited to the mens ncaa tournament?


How many SEC Basketball Titles does the University of Kentucky have?

Go to and search under men's basketball. It shows 43 SEC Championships and 25 SEC Tournament Championships.

How many sec championship wins does KY mens basketball have?

Through 2013, Kentucky has been the Southeastern Conference (SEC) regular-seasonmen's basketball champion 46 of the 80 seasons since the conference was established in 1932. It has won the conference tournament championship 27 of the 54 seasons the SEC has held a tournament. (The SEC basketball tournament was held 1933-1952 and 1979-present.) It should be noted that all but sevenof Kentucky's tournament championships were won for the same season the school had already earned the regular-seasontitle.

When and where will the 2010 SEC Women's Basketball Tournament be held?

Some sources have told me that the 2010 tourney will be in Duluth, Ga (site of the 2007 tourney), but I can not get a reliable confirmation from anyone. Why is it such a secret, I wonder....

Where will be the 2010 SEC basketball tournament?

Yes, the SEC is posed to be stronger than ever with the re-emergence of the University of Kentucky as a powerhouse. The site of the 2010 tournament has been announced and it will be held in Nashville, Tennessee from March 11 - March 14

When was the last time University of Kentucky had to play a first round game in SEC Tournament?


What is the difference between the sec and ncaa basketball tournament?

The SEC is a section of the NCAA. You must win or do well in your league and its tournemant in order to get an invite to March Madness.

What is the quallifing time for 100 meters?

men 10.28 sec women 11.42 sec

What actors and actresses appeared in Sec - 2012?

The cast of Sec - 2012 includes: Ron van den Hoogenband as SEC Pim van Gorp as Boy Anneke Weerts as Girl

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