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Q: Who won the 2008 olympic gold medal for men's soccer?
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Who won 2004 olympic soccer gold medal?

Argentina won the 2004 olympic gold medal.

Who won the 2008 olympic men's soccer siler and gold medals?

Argentina won the gold medal, Nigeria won the silver.

Who won the 2008 Beijing soccer medal?

Argentina won the 2008 Beijing gold medal for soccer after beating Nigeria in the Gold Medal Match.

Does Brazil ever get a gold medal in Olympic soccer?


Who won the gold medal in soccer at the 2004 Olympic Games?


Gold medal winner 2000 olympic mens soccer?


Who is the current Olympic champion in baseball?

The 2004 Olympic gold medal team was from Cuba. The 2008 Olympic gold medal game will be between Cuba and South Korea.

How many gram gold are there in Beijing olympic gold medal?

Six (6) grams of gold plate the 2008 Gold Medal

Who won the 2004 olympic gold medal for women's soccer?

The United States.

Which country won the olympic soccer gold medal in atlanta 1996?


Who won the 2012 Olympic gold medal in women's soccer?

USA women's team won Gold and Japan won the Silver Medal

Did Rafael Nadal win olympic gold medal?

Nadal won gold medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics

How many gold medals has LeBron James won?

1 gold Olympic Medal at 2008 Olympic Games

Last Gold medal winner in the Olympic 2008?


How many times have Brazil won an Olympic Gold medal for football?

Believe it or not, Brazil has never won Olympic Gold in football (aka soccer).

Who is person thay won the gold medal for the soccer 2004 olympic games?

Olympic games soccer is not won by a person, but by a national team. In 2004 it was Argentina.

When did Italian soccer win a Olympic gold medal?

1936 Summer Games in Berlin.

Who won the gold medal for 100m in the Olympics 2008?

the fastest man on earth Usain Bolt won the gold medal for 100m in 2008 Olympic games

Which country won heighest gold medal at olympic 2008?

China has 51 gold medals at the 2008 olympics.

What does the 2008 olympic gold medal look like?

See Related Links for Images of the 2008 Beijing Olympic medals

In the Olympic what year was the last real gold medal awarded?


What day US Women's soccer win their gold medal?

The gold medal match in the 2008 Games was played on August 21.

Who won gold medal in men's soccer Olympics 2008?


Who won olympic gold medal in gymnastics for uneven bars in the 2008 summer olympic games?

At the 2008 Games in Beijing, that was He Kexin of China.

Has Ed Clancy won an Olympic medal?

Yes, he won a gold medal in Track Cycling at the 2008 Olympics.