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Q: Who won the 1994 championship basketball game?
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What basketball team won the NCAA championship in 1994?

Arkansas beat Duke, 76-72, in the 1994 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game.

What basketball team won the Nba Championship in 1994?

Houston Rockets

Who won the 2008 womens basketball championship?

The Tennessee Lady Volunteers won the National Championship, defeating Stanford in the championship game.

Who won the 2008 women college basketball championship?

The Tennessee Lady Volunteers won the National Championship, defeating Stanford in the championship game.

What would be the value of a basketball signed by the Arkansas basketball team that won the NCAA mens basketball championship in 1994?

Nothing really.

Which ncaa team won the last championship?

The University of Connecticut won the NCAA National Championship Game in basketball last year.

Who won the national college championship in basketball in 1994?

Arkansas beat Duke 76-72 to win the NCAA men's basketball tournament in 1994.

Who won the first national championship in the 1938 NCAA basketball championship game?

University Of Rhode Island (URI)

Who won the 1992 National Basketball Championship game?

The Duke Blue Devils

How many basketball titles has Kansas won?

Prior to the 2008 championship game, Kansas has won 2 national championships in basketball: 1952, 1988

Who won the 1977 NCAA Basketball Championship game?

Marquette won beating North Carolina 67-59.

How many NCAA Men's Basketball Championships has Clemson won?

Clemson has never won a NCAA Championship game.

Who won the 2015 basketball championship?

Golden State won the NBA Championship

Has a men ncaa basketball team won a championship in the 16 seed?

No. No 16th seed has every won the tournament or even won their first game. The lowest seed to ever win the championship is a #8 seed.

Who won in the 2001 men ncaa basketball championship game?

Duke beat Arizona 82-72

What player won the most NCAA basketball championship?

Jamal Mayers. avged 35 points a game.

Who won the NCAA national championship game in 2012?

In Football Alabama won because they are amazing and in basketball kentucky sadly beat KU

Who won the College World Series in 1994?

The University of Oklahoma won the 1994 College World Series. They defeated Georgia Tech 13-5 in the championship game.

Has Kansas State ever won the NCAA basketball championship?

No. Their best finish was runner up in 1951 when they lost in the championship game to Kentucky, 68-58.

Who won the basketball championship?


Who won the 2010 mens ncaa basketball championship?

Duke won over Butler. Gordan Hayward missed a half court at the buzzer that would have won the game.

Best duke basketball season?

the year they won 37 games, 1986. Lost to Louisville in the championship game

What ncaa mens basketball team lost a nit game but won the ncaa championship in the same year?


Who won the 1992 NCAA basketball championship?

Duke defeated Michigan to win the 1992 NCAA Basketball Championship.

When did Marquette University win the NCAA basketball championship?

Marquette won the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship in 1977.