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Jackie Joyner-Kersee won the gold medal in the long jump at the 1988 Summer Olympics with a jump of 7.40 meters which is still the Olympic record.

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Q: Who won the 1988 gold medal in the womens long jump competition?
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Who were the gold medal winners of the 2006 Winter Olympics in ice hockey?

Sweden won in the mens competition and Canada won the womens competition.

Who won the 1988 Olympic gold medal in the women's long jump competition?

Jackie Joyner-Kersey of the United States won the gold medal at the 1988 Olympics with a jump of 7.40 meters.

In the 1988 olympic game how many gold medals were won for field hockey?

There were two gold medals awarded, one in men's competition and one in women's competition. The men's gold medal winner was Great Britain and the women's gold medal winner was Australia.

Who won the womens gymnastics all around gold medal in 1988?

Yelena Shushunova from Russia. u go girl!

Who won the womens 10m air rifle gold medal in the 2008 Olympics?

Katerina Emmons (Czech Republic) won the gold medal for the Women's 10 meter air rifle competition in the Beijin 2008 Summer Olympics.

Who won the women's Olympic tennis gold medal in 1988?

At the 1988 Olympics, Steffi Graf of West Germany won gold over Gabriela Sabatini of Argentina in the women's singles competition.

Who won the first Gold Medal in Womens Hockey at the 22nd Olympiad?

That was Zimbabwe. That gold medal was the only medal Zimbabwe had won in Olympic competition until 2004 when Kirsty Coventry won three medals in swimming (gold in 200 meter backstroke, silver in 100 meter backstroke, bronze in 200 meter individual medley).

Which country won the gold medal in womens hockey?


Which country won the gold medal in womens basketball?


What do you get if your a winner in an olympic competition?

A gold medal

Who won the 1996 gold medal in womens soccer?

The United States Women's Soccer team won the Gold medal at the 1996 Olympics

What Canadian skater won the gold medal in 1988?

No Canadian skater or any other athlete won gold in Calgary. Brian Orser won a silver in the men's competition, Elizabeth Manley won an unexpected silver medal in the women's competition, and the ice dancing couple of Tracy Wilson and Robert McCall won a bronze.

When was The Gold Medal Collection created?

The Gold Medal Collection was created on 1988-09-13.

Who is the Olympic water polo champion?

Hungary won the men's gold medal and Italy won the women's gold medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in water polo and are both likely contenders for the 2008 Olympics. Update; Hungary did win the Olympic gold medal in mens water polo at Beijing in 2008 to make a hattrick of consecutive golds. The womens competition was won by the Netherlands

Who holds the gold medal in womens figure skating?

kristi yamaguchi

How many gold medals did Debi Thomas win?

In Olympic competition, 0. Debi won a bronze medal in ladies singles figure skating at the 1988 Winter Games in Calgary. She did win a gold medal at the World Championships in 1986.

Who won the gold medal in womens high jump?

Alice Kathleen Mckiley

Which country won the gold medal in women's 100 metres at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

The country that had won the Gold Medal in the women's 100 meters competition during the Rio Olympics in 2016 was Jamaica due to Elaine Thompson winning the competition.

Who won the womens gold medal with a hurt ankle?

Kerri Strug is famous for having won a gold medal despite having injured her ankle. This occurred at the 1996 Olympics.

Who won the gold medal in womens' curling in 1998?

Canada won the gold medal in women's curling at the 1998 Games. Denmark won silver and Sweden won bronze.

Who won the womens artistic gymnastics gold medal in the 2008 Olympics?

It was Nastia Luikin who won the all-around gold medal for woman's artistic gymnastics!

Which country won the gold medal in womens hockey at 2014 in Commonwealth Games?

Australia defeated England at the 2014 Commonwealth Games to win the Women's Hockey Gold Medal.

Which country won the Gold medal in Womens Beach Volleyball for the Olympics 2008?


Who won the gold medal in the Womens singles in the tennis 2008 Olympics?

It was Elena Dementieva

Who won the womens gold medal in the 400m track event in 2004?

Tonique Williams