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Johnny Miller at Birkdale Seve Ballesteros was tied second

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Q: Who won the 1976 british open golf?
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Who won the 2008 British open golf tournament?

The 2008 Open Golf Championship was won by Padraig Harrington (Irl)

Who won the british open of golf 2008?

Padraig Harrington.

Who won 2001 british open golf?

David Duval.

Who won the 2010 golf british open?

Louis Oosthuizen.

Who won the most British open golf tournaments?

peter thompson

Who won the 2001 british open golf tournament?

David Duval

Who won the british open golf championship in 1997?

Justin Leonard.

How many players have won the British Open golf championship?


Who won 2009 british golf open championship?

Stewart Cink.

Who won the british open golf championship in 2004?

Todd Hamilton.

Who won the British Open golf championship in 1955?


How many South Africans won the British open golf?


Who won the 2006 British Open golf tournament?

Tiger Woods

Which New Zealander won the British golf open in 1963?

bob charles

What amateur won 4 major golf tournaments in the same year?

Bobby Jones won the US Open, US Amateur, British Open and British Amateur all in 1930.

How many Europeans have won The British Golf Open?

The British Open, a golf championship, has been won by a long list of men, from a variety of countries. While the list of names of winners is available for public information, the nationalities of the winners is not documented or categorized for public information.

What golfers have won the British Open for golf?

The British Open golf championship is the only one of the majors that is not held in the USA. Winners include Tom Morris, Harry Vardon, Tiger Woods and Tony Jacklin.

What british golfer won the us golf open 6 times?

No golfer has ever won 6 US Opens.

Who won Wimbledon and the British Open golf championship in 2008?

2008 Wimbledon champ - Rafael Nadal 2008 British Open champ - Padraig Harrington

Who won the golf british open 2007?

Padraig Harrington. He also defender his title in 2008.

Who was the british open golf champion in 1995?

John Daly, he won round ST Andrews.

The golf complex where Tiger Woods won the british open at st. andrews is in which part of the united kingdom where golf originated?

Tiger Woods won the British Open in 2005 on the 'Old Course' at St Andrews which is in in Scotland, north of the United Kingdom.

Which major championship in golf does the claret ju refer to?

The Claret Jug is the trophy won at the British Open.

Who won 2011 US Open golf?

Daren Clarke won the 2011 US open golf.

How many different nationalities have won the British Open Golf Championship?

Golfers from 11 different nations have won The Open Championship. Click on the 'The Open Championship' link on this page to see all winners of The Open Championship.