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Jennings and Hazel Berry

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Q: Who won the 1968 Irish Sweepstakes?
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Who won the 1959 Irish Sweepstakes?


Who won the 1944 Irish hospital sweepstakes?

who won the 1944 irish hospitals sweepstake

Who WON the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes in 1950?


The horse Love and Luck won the Irish Sweepstakes in what year?


Who won the 1967 Irish Sweepstakes?

Meadow Court ridden by Lester Piggot

Who won the 1966 Irish Sweepstakes?

The winner was "Charlottown" jockey was - Scobie Breasley

Who won the 1939 Irish Hospitals Sweepstakes?

A small group a Irish Business man. It was all a Scam. For 50 years.

Who won the 1937 Irish free state hospital sweepstakes?

Won by a group one of which was Mrs Annie Kelly who held a quarter share

What animal is in the Irish Sweepstakes?

Horses are the animals associated with the Irish sweepstakes. The Irish Sweepstakes was a lottery system that was promoted from 1930 to 1987. Ticket stubs were pulled from a barrel and matched to a horse running in a race.

What animal is associated with the Irish sweepstakes?

The Irish Sweepstakes, which no longer operates, would have been associated with horse racing, so the answer is the horse.

Who were the winners of Irish sweepstakes in 1930s?


How or when do you find out who won the spy the world sweepstakes for covert affairs?

The sweepstakes has already ended and someone won the sweepstakes, it was not publicly announced though.

Who won the Victoria Justice sweepstakes?


Who won the iCarly igoodbye sweepstakes?


Who won the Magic on the move sweepstakes?


Who won the teen beach movie sweepstakes?

roxie charmes won

When will they say who won the wizards of Waverly place sweepstakes?

irobon won : )

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Who won the One Direction sweepstakes?

kevin the pigon

Who won the Kane chronicles sweepstakes?

Katie purvis

Who won the wizards of Waverly place sweepstakes?


What is a non winning 1966 Irish hospitals sweepstakes ticket worth?

The Irish Hospital Sweepstakes had its last draw in 1986 and the company that ran it closed in 1987. An old ticket would have no real value now.

Who won iCarly sweepstakes in 2012?

monica won gummybear toys for 25 dollars

Who won the 1938 Irish free state hospital sweepstakes?

According to William O'Brien's "History of Irish Sweepstakes" the winner was Walter Bass, who was always know as being lucky. Records indicate the horse, Blarney Boy, was a long shot so Walter sold half the ticket for $10,000, but Blarney won by a nose over Jerry of Kilkenny. Jerry of Kilkenny was flying down the home stretch when Blarney kicked in the after burner and closed the gap. This was won by st maries

What is a 1981 Irish hospitals' sweepstakes worth today NCA47385?

nothing much. 26.00usd