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Q: Who won the 1962 Irish Hospitals Sweepstakes?
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Who won the 1944 Irish hospital sweepstakes?

who won the 1944 irish hospitals sweepstake

Who won the 1939 Irish Hospitals Sweepstakes?

A small group a Irish Business man. It was all a Scam. For 50 years.

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Who WON the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes in 1950?


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Jennings and Hazel Berry

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Meadow Court ridden by Lester Piggot

Who won the 1966 Irish Sweepstakes?

The winner was "Charlottown" jockey was - Scobie Breasley

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Won by a group one of which was Mrs Annie Kelly who held a quarter share

How or when do you find out who won the spy the world sweepstakes for covert affairs?

The sweepstakes has already ended and someone won the sweepstakes, it was not publicly announced though.

Who won the 1938 Irish free state hospital sweepstakes?

According to William O'Brien's "History of Irish Sweepstakes" the winner was Walter Bass, who was always know as being lucky. Records indicate the horse, Blarney Boy, was a long shot so Walter sold half the ticket for $10,000, but Blarney won by a nose over Jerry of Kilkenny. Jerry of Kilkenny was flying down the home stretch when Blarney kicked in the after burner and closed the gap. This was won by st maries

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Who won the 10 Million dollar Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes On February 29 2008 in West Richland Washington?

who won the 10million dollarpublisher clearing house sweepstakes on february 29 2008 in richland Washington