Who won patriots or british?

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The Patriots won

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Q: Who won patriots or british?
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Why did the patriots win the battle of freeman's farm?

The British won, not the Patriots!

Did the British or patriots win the Battle of Lexington?

the British won

Did patriots win the Battle of Bunker Hill?

no the british won

Who Won Patiots or British?

Patriots. That's why this is called the United States.

Who won the battle of breed's hill?

It was called Battle of Bunker Hill although fought on Breed's Hill. Officially, the British won because the Patriots ran out of gunpowder. Patriots:2 British:1

What did patriots want?

They were determine to fight the british to the end- until american independence was won

What was the result of Lexington and Concord?

A definitive winner is rarely referenced, but one might say the American Patriots won, as the British suffered extensive losses, and the Americans felt that the battles were promising. Lexington was won by the British, Concord by the Patriots.

Who won between patriots and raiders?

Patriots won!

What happen during the Battle of Bunker Hill?

the British had went after the patriots and they British won but i believe deep deep down that we won just as well because we may not have won on the out side but we all won on the in side

What was the battle that proved patriots could win their independence?

bunker hill british won but had many losses

Did the British win the Boston Tea Party?

No, the Patriots won. It wasn't really a fight though, the British didn't even fight back.

Give two advantages the british had over the patriots?

Two advantages the British had over the patriots were the British had a Navy and the Patriots didn't and the British had a well trained and more experienced army than the Patriots.

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