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Two men have won two consecutive Olympic Marathons:

Abebe Bikila (Ethiopia, 1960 and 1964)

Waldemar Cierpinski (East Germany, 1976 and 1980)

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Q: Who won olympic marathon twice in succession?
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Won the olympic marathon three times?

No one has won the Olympic marathon more than twice. This feat has been done twice by Abebe Bikila (1960 & 1964) and Waldemar Cierpinski (1976 & 1980)

Who is the only athlete to win the olympic marathon twice and in successive olympic game?

Actually, that has happened twice. Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia won gold in the marathon at the 1960 Games in Rome and 1964 Games in Tokyo and Waldemar Cierpinski of East Germany won gold in the marathon at the 1976 Games in Montreal and 1980 Games in Moscow.

What was the occupation of the man that won the olympic marathon in the year 1896?

According to the International Olympic Committee, Spyridon Louis was a shephard.

Has a world cup champion repeated?

Yes. Brazil won it twice in succession.

Who won the 2012 olympic men marathon?

Tiki Gelana from Ethiopia with a new Olympic Record time of 2:23:07

What Olympic athlete won the Olympic Marathon in bare feet?

That was Ethiopian Abebe Bikila at the 1960 Games in Rome. He set an Olympic record time of 2:15:16.2 and became the first African to win an Olympic gold medal. Bikila also won the marathon at the 1964 Games but wore shoes in that race.

Who won the last gold medal in the 2008 Olympics?

Samuel Wanjiru in the Olympic Modern Marathon.

Which Olympic marathon runner from Kenya won gold medal in Beijing in 2008?

Samuel Wanjiru

Who won the womens marathon in the 1984 Olympics?

Joan Benoit won the first ever Olympic Women's Marathon held in Los Angeles in 1984 with a time of 2:24:52.

Who is the only man to have won the olympic decathon twice?

Bob mathias

When did women compete in marathon in the olympic games?

In 1984 the Los Angeles Olympics had a women's marathon. Joan Benoit Samuelson of the United States won.

Name the New Zealand woman who won an Olympic marathon bronze medal in 1992?

Lorraine Moller

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