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At the 2008 Games in Beijing, that was He Kexin of China.

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Q: Who won olympic gold medal in gymnastics for uneven bars in the 2008 summer olympic games?
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How has Australia performed in event of gymnastics over the history of the olympic games?

Australia has not won a medal in gymnastics competition at the Summer Olympic Games. However, they have won a silver in trampoline. That was by Ji Wallace in men's trampoline competition at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

Is Gymnastics a part of the Olympic Games?

yes, it is

When was Summer Olympic Games created?

Summer Olympic Games was created in 1896.

When was Dominique Moceanu's last Olympic game?

The 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta were Dominique's only Olympic games. She was a member of the United States women's gymnastics squad that won gold in team all-around.

Where is the Olympic gymnastics in 2012?

The Olympic Games in 2012 will be held in London, England.

When was the fifth summer Olympic games?

The fifth summer olympic games were in berlin 1916.

Which sport will kick off the olympic games?


Has Jamacia held the summer Olympic games?

Jamaica has never held the Summer Olympic games.

Is boxing in the Olympic games?

No cause olympics means gymnastics

Who are all the Great Britain Olympic gymnastics gold medal winners?

Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, no athlete from Great Britain has ever won a gold medal in gymnastics. In total, Great Britain has won four Olympic medals in gymnastics, 1 silver and 3 bronze. 1) Walter Tysall - silver in men's all around at the 1908 Summer Games in London. 2) Men's team - bronze in all around at the 1912 Summer Games in Stockholm. 3) Women's team - bronze in all around at the 1928 Summer Games in Amsterdam. 4) Louis Smith - bronze in men's pommel horse at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.

Where was the 24th Olympic games held?

Olympic Summer Games in Seoul

What number is this 2008 Summer Olympics?

The modern Summer Olympic Games was started in 1896. There have been 28 Summer Olympic Games held. The modern Winter Olympic Games were started in 1924. There have been 20 Winter Olympic Games held.