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Q: Who won most between Oakland Raiders and 49rs?
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Most Wins in NFL History?

Oakland Raiders

What nfl team has the most penalties?

The Oakland raiders

Who is the most penalized team in NFL?

Oakland raiders

Who is the most penalized team in the NFL?

Oakland Raiders

What were the most wins in a single season for the Oakland Raiders?

The most wins by the Raiders in a single season was 13. The Raiders accomplished that in 1967 and 1976.

Most penalized team in NFL history?

Oakland Raiders

What is the Most points scored in a single game by the Oakland Raiders?

Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos - October 24th, 2010 59 points

Which team has the most wins head to head between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders?

The Oakland Raiders lead the regular season series over the Steelers 10-9. The two teams are tied 3-3 in the postseason.

Most popular NFL team world wide?

Oakland Raiders

Which NFL team has had the most Heisman Trophy winners?

Oakland Raiders

What NFL team has the most wins since 1960?

oakland raiders

What team had the most yards in NFL history?

2009 Oakland raiders

Who was the most feared NFL team in the 1970's?

The Oakland Raiders

What NFL team had the most personal fouls in 2009?

Oakland raiders most likely

What NFL teams are most likely to sign Alex smith?

Oakland Raiders

Who is the third NFL team with the most hall of fame players?

the Oakland raiders

What nfl team holds the record for the most penalties in a season?

Oakland Raiders

What NFL team lost the most games 2000-2009?

Oakland raiders

NFL most team sacks allowed 2009-2010?

Oakland raiders

Which NFL team was fined for the most illegal hits in 2009?

Oakland raiders

What is the Most points scored in a single game by a player on the Oakland Raiders?


When was the last time the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders played each other?

Their most recent meeting was on October 27, 2013 in Oakland. The Raiders won the game, 21-18.

Which team has won the most Super Bowl games between green bay packers and the Oakland Raiders?

As of February 2011, Green Bay has won four Super Bowls. The Raiders have won three.

Most scores by Oakland Raiders in last 2 minutes of game?

17 points

What record does Oakland Raiders have since the have been in the nfl?

franchise moved most times