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Q: Who won more matches in stone cold vs the undertaker?
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Who has won more matches against each other the undertaker or batista?

the undertaker

Did undertaker really died?

yeah hes died against stone cold Kane and loads more

Did edge die in the match with undertaker?

No, he did not. He is alive. He is currently retired and not competing in matches any more

Have stone cold steve austin lose?

He has lost more than once. Even though he is a legend he does lose like everyone has. Undertaker has against Edge but never at Wrestlemania.

Who has won the most matches in the WWE?

i think it was goldberg who had a 169 winning streak that number may be wrong but if it is its close its undertaker he went undefeated for like a year or more when he made his debut then lost that streak when stone cold beat him at like 1991 or something like that for wwe championship.

When will the undertaker on WWE wrestle next?

The Undertaker has been banished from the WWE, unfortunately. There has been a lot of anticipation that he might interfere with matches, make surprise appearances, and more, especially in '08.

Who are some of the more popular wrestlers?

Some of the most popular wrestlers are: - Mick Foley - John Cena - Stone Cold - The Undertaker - Andre the Giant - The Rock - DX (Triple "H" & Shawn Michels) -

Who is finisher is stronger stone cold steave Austin or the rock?

Stone cold finisher is more stronger cause its more painful then the rock finisher

Who is better out of stone cold and Triple H?

well this answer is tricky hmm they both fake act in the ring stone cold is more famos in the ring however HHH is married to the bosses daughter in real life and has hold more championships than stone cold !!! so i have to say HHHAngelle1119 disagrees: No way Stone Cold Steve Austin is a legend! He could Whoop HHH's butt any day.

Who is more popular the rock or stone cold?

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Because the rock left wwe to go on to movies and make money - EGOTISTICAL JERK!

When was More Work for the Undertaker created?

More Work for the Undertaker was created in 1948.

Who is better the rock or stone cold?

Andre is bigger, but Austin is quicker. Career wise, I say Austin.AnswerStone Cold is a lot tougher and would beat Andre anytime. AnswerStone Cold Steve Austin was better but nobody should take away anything from Andre the giant the best BIG MAN in the business. AnswerAndre The Giant is better but Undertaker is the best wrestler ever Stone Cold is alot more sucessful then Andre but Andre is bigger in a Stone cold would win .