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Q: Who won more match real Madrid vs barca?
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Who is better real Madrid or Barcelona?

Real Madrid is nothing with out Cristiano Ronaldo, angel DI maria, misut osil, Karim benzema, and xabi alonzo and barca has a line of youth stars waiting play there for barca is 1,000,000 times better then real Madrid. We have proof of this in there match in 2009 Barca won 6 to 2 but real Madrid is a good team.When trying to decide who is the best team between Real Madrid or Barcelona it is clear that Real Madrid has won more major competitions than Barcelona.

Who has a higher rank barca or real Madrid?

Real Madrid have a better ranking in the current 2011/2012 league, and Madrid also has a better ranking in history between barca and madrid.

Is real Madrid better than barca?

These 2 are one of the best teams in the world but these past years barcalona has more wins against real madrid

Is barca better than Madrid?

These 2 are one of the best teams in the world but these past years barcalona has more wins against real madrid

How many times has Real Madrid beat barca?

90 times.

Who win the most match between lyon and real Madrid?

Real Madrid have won more matches then Lyon.

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barca vs. real madrid

Who is losing the game of Barcelona vs Real Madrid?

Real madrid will lose the match because barcelona is coming with more anger than madrid

How many times real Madrid beat barca?

in official matches 86 times

Who won top goal scorer in la liga last season?

Barcelona, even though Real Madrid has alot of talent. Barca is going to win because they have more chemistry then Real Madrid and play alot better together, besides they have Messi!!

How did real Madrid lift the super cup despite drawing on aggregate with Barcelona?

because real madrid scored more goals away from home, that is at the camp nou then barca scored away from home, at the bernabeu. One goal away from home is counted as two on aggregate. and this is why real madrid won

When was the last time Barcelona won the champion league?

1943 in Madrid. Franco, the former dictator of Spain, entered the dressing room of Barca team before the commencement of the game and reminded them they were only playing because of the "generosity of the regime". It is reported that the referee and the players of barca had been threatened and gave Madrid the victory on purpose after FC Barcelona had won 3-0 in the first leg.