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Q: Who won last nights Chicago hawk hockey game?
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What is the mascot for Chicago's NHL hockey team?

A bird named Tommy Hawk

Who is the Chicago Blackhawks mascot?

Tommy Hawk.

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The name "hockie" (now Hockey) seems to have been first recorded in Ireland in 1527 and probably comes from the French word "hoquet" meaning "shepherds crook". It's called hockey (Ice or Roller) because it is a variation of Field Hockey (Offical Name Hockey, formally known as Field Hockey). Some also say that in the old days, when hockey was being invented, they had to use the only part of the livestock that they couldn't sell at market, the boney Hock. The Hock is the horse or cow equivelant of our heel. The other more stupid version is that it was going to be called puckie because of the puck. But in one game a hawk flew down and took the puck from the ice because it thought it was a small animal. So they called it "hawk-y" or hockey.

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no way jose

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tony hawk update: If you can't answer a question, don't be a moron!

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