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easy if i remember it was randy the ram

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Q: Who won first match randy the Ram vs ayatollah?
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What was randy the ram Robinson's entrance song?

Randy "The Ram" Robinson used Quiet Riot "Metal Health (Bang Your Head) for and entrance theme through the whole movie except for the last match. The final match entrance theme was Guns N Roses "Sweet Child Of Mine".

Is randy the ram alive?


Is randy ram Robinson still alive?

His real name is Robin Ramzinski No it´s not. Randy the Ram is fictitious. The film is based on various wrestlers.

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Is randy the ram a real character?

No, Randy "The Ram" Robinson is not a real person. The character however was derived from the WCW wrestler Lex Luger. When Producers learned of the path Luger's life took in the years after WCW shut down, the decision to use him as a body model for "The Ram" made even more sense. Luger was later brought out to the film's Hollywood premiere.

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