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Q: Who won every single game in their season in the NFL?
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Did the Detroit Lions lose every single game in 2008?

Yes. The Detroit Lions became the first team to go 0-16 in an NFL season.

What is the average score for one team in an NFL game?

For the 2007 NFL season, that was 21.7 points per game. For the 2006 NFL season, 20.7 points per game and for the 2005 NFL season, 20.6 points per game.

What NFL teams lost every game in the 2008 season?

The Detroit Lions. They were 0-16

Did the Miami Dolphins win every game and the super bowl in the 1972 season?

Yes, the only perfect season in NFL history.

Do NFL teams get new uniforms every single game?

They have the same uniforms....just like every sports team.

When do 2015 NFL single game tickets go on sale?

2015 NFL Season Tickets went on sale from 16 December 2014 via Ticketmaster.

What is the last NFL team that lost every game in a season?

The 2008 Detroit Lions were 0-16.

What is the price range for tickets to a regular season Charger NFL game?

The price range for one seat for season tickets in a regular season Charger game is from $450 to $2950. Single game options are available as well and these sell for $150 and higher.

What team in the NFL had the worst season and year?

Well for a single season I would go with the Detroit Lions as having the worst single season in NFL history, having had laid a goose egg in the wins column, they became the first team to lose every game in the 16-game season era. But just for bonus points we can't for get the 0-26 Tampa Bay Bucs. This team was the epitomy of futility. In their inargural season they went 0-14 with an average of 9 points per game, but just to keep the streak going they started the next season with 12 more straight losses. They finally won their first game against the New Orleans Saints.

What NFL team allowed the fewest points allowed in a NFL 14 game season?

1977 Atlanta Falcons "Grits Blitz" Defense. They allowed only 129 points which averages out to 9.2 per game. Greatest single season defense of all time.

Who makes the rules in the NFL?

The 32 NFL teams propose and vote on rules and/or changes to the game every year in an annual meeting during the off-season

What year is the Super Bowl played?

The Super Bowl is the last game played at the end of every NFL season.

How many times does an NFL player work out?

NFL players may work out every single day during the regular season and in the off season they have otas or minicamp workouts maybe once or twice a week, depending on the teams.

What NFL player holds the record for passing the most yards in a single game?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the NFL single game record for passing yardage is held by Norm Van Brocklin of the Los Angeles Rams who threw for 554 yards in a game against the New York Yanks in 1951.

When did the NFL change from a fourteen game season to a sixteen game season?

The first 16 game regular season was in 1978.

How long were the NFL season in 1973?

It was 14 game season

What date does the reg NFL season end?

The last regular season game of the current NFL season is on December 29, 2013.

What NFL team has not won a game?

Every NFL team has won a game.

What is the total number of NFL games in a single regular season?

Currently, each team plays 16 regular season games. There are 256 NFL games in the season

Who was the first team in NFL who lost every game in a season?

Chicago Cardinals (Arizona Cardinals)1943 0-10

Is it possible for every team in the NFL to only win 1 game?

Yes. During the regular season games can result in a tie.

What season did the NFL go to 16 game regular season?


When did the NFL change from 12 game season to a 14 games season?

The 1961 season.

What NFL team has never won a game?

Every NFL team has won a game.

What NFL team has the longest losing streak?

The NFL team that holds the record for the longest losing streak are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 1976, they lost every game they played that season. Their record is a 26 game losing streak.