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Patriots won!

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Q: Who won between patriots and raiders?
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Who was drafted to the patriots and won 2 Super Bowls with the raiders?

QB Jim Plunkett who was the Patriots first round selection, and first selection overall, in the 1971 NFL draft and played with the Patriots for 5 seasons won Super Bowls XV and XVIII with the Raiders. Another Patriots draft choice won a Super Bowl with the Raiders. Running back/kick returner Carl Garrett, drafted by the Patriots in the 3rd round of the 1969 draft and who spent 4 seasons with the team, won Super Bowl XI with the Raiders.

Who won most between Oakland Raiders and 49rs?

oakland raiders

Whne was the first game for the patriots at Foxboro Stadium?

September 19, 1971 vs. the Oakland Raiders. The Patriots won 20-6.

What was the score Raiders vs patriots in 1976?

The score of the Patriots/Raiders Division Championship Game, 12/18/76 was: Oakland Raiders 24 New England Patriots 21

Who has won more games between the broncos or raiders?


Who has won more games between the chargers and raiders?

Raiders 3 Superbowls and Chargers 0 lol

Who won patriots or british?

The Patriots won

Have the Patriots played the Raiders in a Super Bowl?

The New England Patriots have never played the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders in the Super Bowl.

Will the Oakland Raiders beat the New England Patriots?

No. Organizationally the Raiders are hopelessly outclassed by most teams. The Patriots are a cutting-edge organization, while the Raiders are stuck in outdated ways.

How many teams have won the Super Bowl three times?

Packers (won the first 2), Washington Redskins, the Patriots (won 3 in 4 yrs.), and the Giants, also the Oakland raiders

Who won the raiders game today?

Arizona won the game

Who is better Raiders or the Patriots?

The Patriots. The Raiders have failed to post a record better than 5-11 since 2002 while the Patriots have not finished below 10-6 in that same span.

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