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Venus Williams.

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Q: Who won back to back woman's singles tennis titles at Wimbledon in 2000 and 2001?
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Who is the current Wimbledon Womans Singles Tennis Champion?

Serena Williams. She will defend her title this summer -:)

Who was the Wimbledon womans singles champion in 2001?

Venus Williams. (USA)

Who won the womans singles tennis 2011?

Austrailian Open? Kim Clijsters French Open? Li Na Wimbledon? Petra Kvitová US Open? Samantha Stosur

1976 french womans singles tennis champion?

Sue Barker (United Kingdom)

Who was the Wimbledon womans singles champion in 1975?

Chris Evert-Lloyd of the U.S.A. won the womens singles title at Wimbledon in 1981 (referred to as J.M. Lloyd according to Wimbledon etiquette because at the time she was married to John Lloyd).

Who was the womans tennis champion in 1990?

Gabriela Sabatini

You were wondering when is the starting date for Wimbledon 2008 and when is the dates for the men and womans singles Finals please?

Monday June 23 2008Women's Finals - Saturday July 5Men's Finals- Sunday July 6, 2008.

How did Venus Williams become famous?

she became a tennis player because when she was little, her father,Richard Williams taught her, alonge with Serena.

How much money did Serena William get for winning 2012 Wimbledon Womans Single?

1 million dollars

What are Samantha Stosur's greatest achievements?

samatha stoser has made no. 1 in australian womans tennis

What is Madagascar's national sport?

this national sport for madagascar is SOCCER.

Who Won the womans French Open 2011?

In women's singles,Winner-Li Na, Runner Up-Fracesca Schiavone.