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bobby charlton

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Q: Who won a world cup and also won a lonsdale belt and played for Celtic?
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Which Celtic and man utd player also has a lonsdale belt?

Jack Charlton

Who are the Celtic players who also played for Liverpool?

Kenny Dalglish

What company designs Lonsdale shoes?

Lonsdale shoes is made by the Lonsdale London company. They shoes can be purchased through the company's official website. They also sell boxing equipment.

Which players have scored the winning goal in the European cup finals and have also played for rangers or Celtic?

Tommy Gemmill for Celtic in 1967, and Kenny Dalglish for Liverpool in 1978 (played for Celtic) immediately spring to mind. Anyone else?

Who did souness sign for rangers?

he signed the first catholic to play for rangers since world war 1, a player who also played for celtic, mo johnston

Who played for Celtic and has also been capped for England?

Alan stubbs chris sutton Alan Thompson

Were the Celtic priests called druids?

Celtic Preists where also known as Druids, so yes.

Where can one find Celtic arts online?

One can simply go the Celticartscenter to find out more about celtic arts, wikipedia is also a good option. Celticartscenter also offers courses in Celtic languages.

Is Irish mythology the same as Celtic mythology?

Yes and no. Irish Mythology is a subset of Celtic Mythology. Celtic Mythology also includes Scotish, Welsh, and British Mythologies. But Irish Mythology is also included.

Who was the Scottish player that played in the first champions league competition and in last seasons competition?

Steven Pressley. Played in 92/93 for Rangers and 2007/2008 for Celtic. Paolo Maldini also played in both.

Who is got better history Manchester United or Celtic fc?

well manu have more eurooean cups that Celtic but Celtic have more scottish leagues that united do prems sayin that i think that the only teams that win the spl is Celtic or rangers so the prem is harder to win. Also manu have 2 world club cups i think so overall manu

What is a Celtic harp?

A Celtic harp is a harp that is slightly smaller than a concert harp. Celtic harps also have levers to change the key, instead of pedals.