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Canada won a total of 31 medals at the Edmonton Commonwealth games, these were:

Sport / Event Athlete / Team Result AthleticsWomens 4x100m Relay 44.26 mins Mens Hammer Throw Scot Neilson 69.92 meters Mens High Jump Gregory "Greg" Andrew Joy 2.18 meters Womens High Jump Deborah "Debbie" Brill 1.90 meters Womens Javelin Alison Hayward 54.52 meters Mens Marathon Jerome Drayton 2:16:13.46 hours Mens Shot Put Bruno Pauletto 19.33 meters Womens Shot Put Carmen Ionesco 16.45 meters Badminton Womens Doubles Team Event (mixed) Boxing Mens Flyweight Division (51kg) Ian Clyde Cycling Mens Road Race (117 miles) Pierre Harvey 4:22:34.55 hours Diving Mens 3m Springboard Diving Scott Rogers Cranham 595.53 points Womens 3m Springboard Diving Beverly Boys 469.65 points Mens High Diving/Tower Kenneth "Ken" Armstrong 534.99 points Gymnastics Womens Individual Sherry Louise Hawco 37.650 points Womens Individual Monica Goermann 37.650 points Shooting Mens 50m/Free Pistol Edward A. Jans 540 points Mens Clay Pigeon Trap George Leary 185 points Swimming Womens 100m Backstroke Helene Boivin 1:04.54 mins Mens 100m Freestyle Bill Matthew Sawchuk 52.81 seconds Mens 200m Butterfly Claus Bredschneider 2:02.49 mins Womens 200m Butterfly Wendy Patricia Quirk 2:13.65 mins Mens 200m Individual Medley Bill Matthew Sawchuk 2:05.61 mins Womens 400m Individual Medley Becky Gwendolyn Smith 4:57.83 mins Mens 4x200m Freestyle Relay 7:36.58 mins Weightlifting Mens 110kg Combined Wayne Douglas Smith 337.5 kg Mens 90kg Combined Terence Russell Hadlow 330.0 kg Wrestling Mens Bantamweight Division (57kg) Michael Barry Mens Light Flyweight Division (48kg) George Gunovski Mens Welterweight Division (74kg) Victor Zilberman Total Silver Medals 31

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Q: Who won a silver medal at the 1978 commonwealth games held in Edmonton and held four Canadian records?
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Gymnast Beckie Downie of Great Britain has not won an Olympic medal but has won medals at the Commonwealth Games (silver in team all-around and bronze in balance beam in 2006) and at the European Championships (silver in team all-around in 2010).

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Valerie Villi was born in Rotorua and is of Tongan descent. She was the world youth shot-put champion in 2001. In 2002, she scored a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games as the world junior champion. In the 2005 World Championships, she scored a bronze medal. In 2006, she won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games and came in second in the World Athletic Final.

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