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There were many matches in WrestleMania 2011, but the biggest and most known match was the match between The Undertaker and Triple H, where The Undertaker won.

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Q: Who won WrestleMania 2011?
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Who won between Triple H or Undertaker at the 2011 WrestleMania?

Undertaker. He is now 19-0

At WrestleMania who won in between undertaker and shaun michaels?

undertaker won over HBK great match, i think best wrestlemania match in wrestlemania history

Who won tripleh vs Randy Orton for the WWE chapionship at wrestlemania?

Wrestlemania 25-triple H won

Who won the WWE championship at WrestleMania 26?

John Cena won the WWE Championship from Batista at Wrestlemania 26.

How many WrestleMania has cm punk won?

He has won three WrestleMania matches: Two times Money in the Bank Ladder match at WrestleMania XXIV and XXV vs Chris Jericho at WrestleMania XXVIII

Who won in WrestleMania 28?

rock won jhon cena

Who won in WrestleMania undertaker or Triple H?

The Undertaker won.

How many times has Mickie James won at Wrestlemania?

Mickie James has only won one Wrestlemania match. At Wrestlemania 22 on April 2, 2006, she defeated Trish Stratus WWE Women's Championship.

When Is the next Wrestlemania?

WrestleMania 27 is going to be on April 3, 2011 in Atlanta.

What day is WrestleMania?

WrestleMania 27 will be on April 3, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.

When was WrestleMania 27?

WrestleMania 27 took place on April 3rd, 2011.

When did WrestleMania XXVII happen?

WrestleMania XXVII happened on 2011-04-03.

Who was miss wrestlemania?

Santina Marella (aka Santino Marella) won the Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 25!

Who won WrestleMania?

john cena

Who did undertaker face at WrestleMania 23?

He defeated Batista for his second Championship won at wrestlemania at 23.

Who won hbk or rick flair at wrestlemania24?

hbk won at wrestlemania

Who won the battle royal at WrestleMania IV?

Bad News Brown won the battle royal at Wrestlemania IV. The last man he eliminated was Bret Hart.

How many matches did rey mysterio at WrestleMania?

Rey Mysterio has wrestled at seven Wrestlemanias:#1 Wrestlemania XIX vs Matt Hardy for the Cruiserweight Championship (lost), #2 Wrestlemania XX in a Cruiserweight Open for the Cruiserweight Championship (lost to champion, Chavo Guerrero), #3 Wrestlemania 21 vs Eddie Guerrero (won), #4 Wrestlemania 22 vs Kurt Angle and Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship(won, first one), #5 Wrestlemania XXV vs John 'Bradshaw' Layfield for the Intercontiental Championship (won, first one), #6 Wrestlemania XXVI vs CM Punk (won) and #7 Wrestlemania XXVII vs 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes (lost).(As of May, 2011)

What are the release dates for WrestleMania XXVII - 2011 TV?

WrestleMania XXVII - 2011 TV was released on: USA: 3 April 2011 Japan: 14 April 2011

Which title did Chris Jericho win at WrestleMania 2000?

Jericho won the European championship at WrestleMania 2000.

Who won out of john cena and the rock at WrestleMania?

The rock won at wm 28.

How many WrestleMania has won by under taker?

He won 21 matches on Mania.

Who won john cena or batista in WrestleMania 26?

John Cena won.

Who won undertaker vs HHH WrestleMania 27?

The Undertaker won by a submission

Who won at WWE WrestleMania 28?

The Rock!;)