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Shawn Micheals lost and now his leaving. How sad because he's been here since the beginning.

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Q: Who won Shawn micheals or undertaker?
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Who won Shawn micheals vs undertaker last night?

undertaker, Shawn was my fav

Who won undertaker vs Shawn micheals at WrestleMania 26?

The Undertaker

Undertaker Vs Shawn Micheals WrestleMania 25?

awesome match. undertaker won

Shawn Michaels vs undertaker WWE wrestlmania26?

Undertaker won the match and Shawn micheals is leaving the WWE forever :(

Will Shawn micheals beat undertaker in WrestleMania?

No. The undertaker will win. Shawn micheals is planning on retiring anyway.

Who won the Undertaker and Shawn Micheals match?

At the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, the Undertaker won with a tombstone when HBK tried to perform a Moonsault.

Suggestions of Who won shwn micheals or the undertaker in wreslmania 26?

Sadly Undertaker did win and Shawn Micheals career is over. I thought it was really heart breaking

Will Shawn micheals defeat undertaker at WrestleMania 26?

Undertaker will probably defeat Shawn Micheals in wrestle mania. Hope this helped.

Shawn micheals vs unertaker who wins?


Who will be Shawn micheals opponent at WrestleMania 27?

Shawn Micheal will not be at wrestlemania 27. It is because at Wrestlemania 26 Shawn Micheals lost to the UNDERTAKER.

Is undertaker retried?

Well at wrestlemania 25 it was undertaker vs Shawn micheals and at summer slam I HAVE BEEN TOLD Shawn micheals is coming back but the undertaker i do not no about but he will be retriering in the next 5 years

Who is been wrestling longer Shawn Micheals or Undertaker?


Will undertaker face Shawn micheals at WrestleMania 26?


What happen to Undertaker and Shawn Micheals?

Undertaker had to get hip surgery and Shawn michaels is taking a break from the company right now.

Why is Shawn micheals not coming back until 2010?

Shawn micheals will never come back he lost to the undertaker in a streak vs career match

Did undertaker beat Shawn micheals at WrestleMania 2010?

Yes undertaker beat Shawn michaels i was so angry that i almost cried Shawn michaels is out of the wwe forever :'(

What WWE wrestlers are returning?

undertaker is Shawn micheals probly edge yes

Who won undertaker or Shawn michaels?


Who is the best wrestler in WWE history?

Undertaker of course Even without the Wrestlemania streak he will still bea future hall of famer. Maybe some of you are saying Shawn micheals and undertaker is a tie or he is better but Undertaker beat him two times in a row Shawn Micheals did beat undertaker two times but that was because of Kane. So Undertaker is better than Shawn Micheals but both are still Future Hall of Famers

Why did Shawn micheals retire?

he got beat by the undertaker at wrestlemania, the deal was undertaker's streak vs michaels career

Did Shawn Micheals leave the WWE after W25?

No Shawn Michales is expected to return around Summerslam as well as Undertaker

Did undertaker get injured at WrestleMania 25?

Yes, he injured his neck in the match with Shawn Micheals

Who came first to WWE Shawn micheals or undertaker?

The Undertaker debuted in WWF (WWE) in 1990 whilst Shawn Michaels debuted in October 1987. So Shawn Michaels joined first.

What is the greatest wrestling match WWE?

Some of the greatest matches in WWE history are: a. Undertaker Vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 2011 b. Undertaker Vs Shawn Micheals at Wrestlemania 2010 c. Undertaker Vs Shawn Micheals at Wrestlemania 2009 d. etc

Who won last week on WWE vladimar kozlov or Shawn micheals?

Shawn Michaels