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Serena Williams won the Women's Singles French Open Championship in 2013.

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Q: Who won French Open women championship in 2013?
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Who won the women's French Open title in 2013?

Serena Williams won the 2013 women's singles French Open title.

What are the consecutive Grand slams?

Which sport are you refering to? Men's Golf is: US Open, Masters, British Open and the PGA Championship Women's Golf is: Kraft Nabisco Championship, LPGA Championship, US Women's Open and the British Open. Tennis is: Australian Open, US Open, Wimbledon and French Open

The city and country of the French Open tennis championship?

The French open tennis championship is played in Paris, France.

When was U.S Women's Open Chess Championship created?

U.S. Women's Open Chess Championship was created in 1934.

When was Japan Women's Open Golf Championship created?

Japan Women's Open Golf Championship was created in 1968.

Who won French Open men championship in 2013?

Rafael Nadal defeated David Ferrer in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2, 6-3. He won the French Open Cup in 2013.

Who won the Men's French Open 2010 Championship?

Rafael Nadal is the Champion of 2010 French Open.

When is the 2013 French Open?

The French Open begins on Sunday May 26, 2013 and ends on Sunday June 9th, 2013.

Where was the 2013 French Open played?

The 2013 French Open was held at Stade Rolland Garos in Paris, France.

What four tournaments make up golfs grand slam?

The Men's Grand Slam The Masters Tournament, US Open Championship, The Open Championship and the PGA Masters. You have to win all four in the same calender Year for it to be considered a Grand Slam. The Women's The Kraft Nabisco Championship, the MacDonalds LPGA Championship, The US Women's Open and the Ricoh Women's British Open.

Who won men's single title of the French Open tennis 2013?

Rafael Nadal won the 2013 French Open.

Who won the French Open tennis championship 2008?

Rafael Nadal

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