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Q: Who won Cain velasques or junior dos Santos on 12-29-12?
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When will Cain Velazquez reclaim the UFC heavyweight title?

Cain Velasquez is the current UFC heavyweight champion, he regained the title from Junior Dos Santos.

Who will win ufc fight Cain vs jr 2?

The fight between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos was held in the UFC event - UFC 155 that happened on 29th December 2012. The fight was the main event of the night and was for the UFC heavyweight championship Jr. Dos Santos was the champion heading into the fight and Cain Velasquez was the no.1 contender. The fight lasted a full 5 rounds in which Cain Velasquez was declared the winner by "Unanimous Decision"

Who is Cain's grandson in emmerdale?

Ilad is the grandson of Cain.

Who is the world champion in UFC?

depends on the weight class, lightweight, bj penn welterweight, i believe is josh koshcheick, middleweight, i think chael sonnen would still be the top contender light heavy would be rashad evans and heavyweight Cain valesquez

Who are Past ultimate fighting heavy weight campions?

The following are the people who have held the UFC heavyweight championship in history (In Order) a. Mark Coleman b. Maurice Smith c. Randy Couture d. Bas Rutten e. Kevin Randleman f. Josh Barnett g. Ricco Rodriguez h. Tim Sylvia i. Frank Mir j. Andrei Arlovski k. Brock Lesnar l. Shane Carwin m. Cain Velasquez n. Junior Dos Santos Cain Velasquez is the current reigning UFC Heavyweight champion.

Who won UFC 146?

The main card for UFC 146 was full of the top heavyweights in UFC fighting against one another. The main event was Junior Dos Santos Vs. Frank Mir for the UFC Heavyweight title. Dos Santos won the fight in the 2nd round by TKO. The other fights in the main card on pay-per-view and their results were: a. Cain Velasquez Def. Antonio Silva b. Roy Nelson Def. Dave Herman c. Stipe Miocic Def. Shane Del Rosario d. Stefan Stuve Def. Lavar Johnson

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