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Ohio State the score was 26 to 17.

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Q: Who won 2010 Rose Bowl between Ohio state vs Oregon?
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What day will the Rose Bowl be played for the 2009-2010 season?

The 2010 Rose Bowl between Ohio State and Oregon will be played on 1/1/2010 at 4:30 PM EST.

Who is Oregon playing in the 2010 Rose Bowl?

Ohio State.

Who played the 2010 Rose Bowl game?

Ohio State and the Oregon Ducks. Ohio state won 26 to 17.

When was the last time Ohio State won a BCS bowl game?

They won the 2010 Rose Bowl game against Oregon 26-17

How many Rose Bowl games has Ohio State won?

Ohio State has won the Rose Bowl 7 times, with their most recent win coming against the Oregon Ducks on January 1st, 2010.

Who will play in the 2010 Rose Bowl?

Ohio State and Oregon is my prediction 2 play. I think Ohio State will win 27-13 because of officials

What are the chances that Ohio state gets a BCS bowl game?

If Oregon State loses to Oregon, USC will get the automatic bid to the Rose Bowl which most likely Ohio State will get the at large bid. Likely BCS bowls OSU will be in are either Orange Bowl or Sugar Bowl.

Will Ohio state go to a bowl?

yes, the rose bowl vs Oregon

Who is in the Rose Bowl 2010?

Oregon & Ohio St.

Who will win the maaco bowl?

If Oregon State scores more than BYU, then Oregon State will win. If BYU scores more than Oregon State , then BYU will win.

When Montana was at Notra Dame did they play agains Oregon State?

No ... Notre Dame and Oregon State have met twice in football, the 2001 Fiesta Bowl and 2004 Insight Bowl. Both games were won by Oregon State. Notre Dame did play Oregon in 1976, Montana's junior year, but he was out that season with a shoulder injury.

Who went to the holiday bowl in 2008 - 2009?

Oklahoma State and Oregon. Oregon won 42-31

What four teams were in the first college football playoff?

The four teams in the 2014 playoff were Alabama Crimson Tide, Oregon Ducks, Florida State Seminoles and the Ohio State Buckeyes.No 1 Alabama will play No 4 Ohio State in the Allstate Sugar Bowl, and No 2. Oregon will play No 3. Florida State in the Rose Bowl. The winners of each game will play each other in the championship game on January 12, 2015.Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, Ohio State.

Did Penn State make it to the Rose Bowl in 1995?

Yes, Penn State defeated Oregon, 38-20, in the 1995 Rose Bowl.

How many times has Oregon State University gone to the Rose Bowl?

Oregon State has played in 3 Rose Bowls. Their record is 1-2.

How many bowl games has Texas won in a row?

The Texas Longhorns lost their most recent bowl in 2013 to the Oregon Ducks in the Alamo Bowl. Before that, they were on a six game Bowl winning streak that was capped off in the 2012 Alamo Bowl against Oregon State.

When well super bowl come to Oregon?

The Superbowl will never be hosted in Oregon until they have an active football franchise in the state.

How are the teams decided for college bowl games?

The teams that took part in the college bowl finals were Oregon and Ohio State. It took place on Monday, January 12th, 2015. Ohio State defeated Oregon with the score of 42-20.

When did Ohio State last play Oregon State in football?

If Oregon State and Ohio State meet in the 2010 Rose Bowl, it will be their first meeting since September 8, 1984 when Ohio State won, 22-14, in Columbus.The two schools have met one other time, that being September 21, 1974 in Columbus when Ohio State won, 51-10.

How many sugar bowls are in 1 bowl season?

1 sugar bowl per season....although 2 bowl games can be played at sugar bowl if BCS championship is played this yr (2010) we have the Rose Bowl (Ohio State vs. Oregon) on Jan 1 and the BCS championship game (Texas vs. Alabama) at the rose bowl on Jan.7

Who won the Rose Bowl in 1965?

The University of Michigan won the 1965 Rose Bowl, 34-7, against Oregon State University.

Did ohio state give up their bowl win in 2010?

Yes ... Ohio State vacated all 2010 season victories including their Sugar Bowl win over Arkansas.

What is the date of the 2010 nfl pro bowl?

The 2010 AFC-NFC Pro Bowl will be played Sun, Jan 31, 2010, at Miami. This is the week between the Conference Championships, and the Super Bowl.

Who won the Rose Bowl in 2010?

Ohio State

Who the Rose Bowl in1995?

The Penn State Nittany Lions defeated the Oregon Ducks 38-20.