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The lakers won there first championship. The lakers were in Minneappolis before going to California in 1960.

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Q: Who won 1941 NBA championship?
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Who won the NBA championship in 1983?

The Philadelphia 76ers won the NBA Championship in 1983.

Have the Phoenix Suns ever won an NBA Championship?

No, they have never won an NBA Championship

Who won the 2010 NBA Championship?

The Los Angeles Lakers won the 2010 NBA Championship.

Have the Toronto Raptors won a NBA championship?

No, they have not won an NBA Championship.

Which NBA players have won the most championship?

Bill Russell won the most nba championship rings

Has chris paul ever won a nba championship?

No, Chris Paul has not won an NBA championship yet.

When has la clippers won NBA championship?

The Los Angeles Clippers have never won an NBA Championship

How many NBA championship titles has the Los Angeles Lakers won?

They have won 19 NBA Championship titles.

When was the last time the clippers won the championship?

they have never won a nba championship

Who won the 1985 NBA championship?

The Los Angeles Lakers won the championship.

Has the phoenix suns ever won a championship?

No, they have never won an NBA Championship.

Who won the 2015 basketball championship?

Golden State won the NBA Championship

What active NBA player has won ncaa championship and NBA championship?

Richard Hamilton

Have the Cleveland Cavaliers ever wn an NBA Championship?

No, they have never won the NBA Championship

When did the Denver Nuggets win the NBA Championship?

The Nuggets have never won the NBA Championship

How many years did Michael Jordan play in the nba before he won a championship?

He won the championship in his 7th NBA season.

What team won the Nba championship in 1968- 69?

The Boston Celtics won the Championship in the 1968-69 NBA season.

When was the last time Cleveland caviliers won a championship?

They haven't won an NBA championship

Who won the 1945 NBA championship?

The first championship was in 1946, won by the Philadephia Stags

What was the first team to win an NBA championship?

The Philadelphia Warriors won the first NBA championship.

Did the Indiana pacers win an NBA championship?

No the Indiana Pacers have never won an NBA championship.

Did the denver nuggets ever win an nba championship?

The Nuggets have never won the NBA championship

How many NBA finals have the Celtics won?

Celtics won 17 NBA Championship.

Who won NBA 2011 champion?

The Dallas Mavericks won the 2011 NBA Championship

How many times did the Oklahoma thunder win the nba championship?

Technically the Thunder have never won an NBA championship, but in 1979 they won a championship as the Seattle Supersonics.