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Wade Barrett defeats Cena now Cena is in Nexus, Orton defended his title against Shaemus, Kane beats Undertaker again and Daniel Brian, Edge and Natalya won there matches.

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Q: Who wins at hell in a cell?
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Who won Cena or Barrett in Hell in a Cell 2010?

barret wins

Who wins the title in hell in cell Randy Orton or john cena?

Randy won the wwe title against cena by punting him in the head

WWE Hell in a Cell spoilers?

Undertaker wins Mikie James wins Big Show and Chris Jericho win John Morrison wins DONT KNOW REST. sorry

Has undertaker lost a hell in a cell?

Undertaker has lost five Hell in a Cell matches, including the first Hell in a Cell Match. He has lost to Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Batista and Kane in different Hell in a Cell matches.

Is Triple H undefeated at hell in a cell?

Triple H lost to Batista in Hell in a Cell.

How many hell in a cell matches are in the whole WWE?

i dont know for sure but i think there has been 29-40 hell in a cell matches. ____________________________________________________________ 16 Hell in a Cell matches 21 hell in a cell matches.....

Who were the first two divas to be in a hell in a cell match?

There was never any divas in a hell in the cell match.

On hell in a cell today does the cell have a roof?


Who is the winner of roadies hell down under?


Will Triple H be at hell in a cell?


How many Hell in a Cell matches have there been?

24 hell in cell matches undertaker and triple h have been in 19 of them

Why did WWE change ppv no mercy to hell in a cell?

because more people knew it as hell in a cell because it practically describes itself

How do you get out of a hell in a cell on smack down vs raw 2011?

You have to perform a signature of finisher to your opponent on top right corner in Hell in a Cell.

Are there any rules in a hell in the cell match WWE?

No; Hell in a Cell follows the standard no holds barred match rules. No disqualification and no count out.

Who won the first ever Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match?

Kurt Angle won the first ever Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match.

Who won cm punk vs ryback hell in a cell?

cm punk won hell in a cell only because brad maddox helped him.

Who won the hell and cell matchthe undertaker and cm punk?

undertaker he did a tombstone pile driver and won taker never lost in hell in a cell

Has the undertaker ever lost a hell in a cell match?

yes,the undertaker lost 1 hell in a cell match against Brock Lesnar in 2002

What are the ratings and certificates for Hell in a Cell - 2012 TV?

Hell in a Cell - 2012 TV is rated/received certificates of: Germany:16

What actors and actresses appeared in Cell from Hell - 2013?

The cast of Cell from Hell - 2013 includes: Sal Bienstock Steve Bienstock as Ranting Man

Is a hell in the cell real?

Of Course Its Real

Is there weapons in hell in a cell svr 09?


Did Randy Orton compete in Hell in a Cell?


Is wwe hell in a cell over?


Where can you watch hell in a cell 2010?