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The first team or player to score 21 points (or to score 11 points if the opposing players remain scoreless) wins.

A match is won by the first side to win two games.

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Q: Who wins a game in racquetball and howwho wins a match and how?
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How is a volley ball match won?

normally, a volleyball match is won by one team getting to 25 (winning by 2) the first game, and the second game. if so far the score is 1 game to 1 game. than there is a third game to 15. whoever wins that game wins the match

Why is the 3rd game of a series called a rubber match?

A rubber match (or rubber game) is a match where the winner of that match wins the series. In a three game series tied at one game a piece, the third match is the rubber match. The third match is not called a rubber match if one team already won the first two games and is going for the sweep.

How do you resolve a triple tie in volleyball game?

you go into a forth match till one wins

What is the highest possible amount of points you can score in racquetball?

In a tournament the highest amount of points you can score is 11. In a casual game you can go up to 15.

In volleyball how long does the game last?

usually when one team wins, the game ends. Nope. The game ends when you get to 21, 23, or 25. You have 2 matches. If one team wins the first match and the other wins the second, there is a tie breaker match where you go to 15. I know this because I actually PLAY volleyball, unlike the person above me. :/

Who wins a chess game if one player is stalemated?

A stalemate is a draw; no one wins. In this light, we don't see that "one player is stalemated" but we see the game or match as a stalemate, or draw.

How do you judge a winner in snooker?

Whoever wins the most points in a frame (1 game) & frames in a match.

What does the term match mean in volleyball?

A volleyball match consists of either 3 or 5 games. If there are 3, whoever wins 2 out of the 3 games wins the whole match. If there are 5, whoever wins 3 out of the 5 games wins the whole match...

Is the champions league final a 1 game playoff?

THe Champions League final is a one-game play-off. The team which wins the match wins the trophy, unlike the 2-legged knockout rounds

The team with maximum points wins the match .( Pick out the collective noun )?

yes they will win the game

What color piece does the winner of a chess match get for the next game if he wins?

white, since it always goes first

Who wins a match in raquetball?

Chuck Norris! he always wins!

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