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I'm not certain but I think it's real Madrid.

Sorry Barcelona

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Q: Who win more between realmdarid vs Barcelona?
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Who is the best league in world?

It is the Spanish league, but there it is a two horse race between Real Madrid and Barcelona. But there are more teams in the E.p.L to win.

Who will win arsenal or Barcelona?

i think that FC Barcelona will win arsenal because Barcelona is better than arsenal

How many World Cups did Barcelona win?

Barcelona can not win the world cup, they can only win the champion league.

How many times did Barcelona win realmadrid and how many times did realmadrid win Barcelona?

Barcelona has 63 wins against Real madrid, and Real Madrid has 68 wins against barcelona.

Which year did Barcelona win the Olympics?

Barcelona won the Olympics in 1992.

Who would win Barcelona or brasil?

Barcelona because they have great players.

How many times has Barcelona won the fa cup?

Barcelona have no chance to win the F.A. cup, which is Englands oldest cup,it is played in England between only English clubs.

Will Barcelona or Manchester United win the champions leuguee?

I think Barcelona will win 3:1. Goals: 1 Messi, 2 Henri.

Hho win the match between real medrid vs barclona on 28-11-2010?

Barcelona ofcourse! No doubt about that!

How many cups did Barcelona win?


What is Spain Tradition?

barcelona ..........Chelsea win barcelona.And make sure that barcelona go to bar.....

What is Barcelona's most popular sport?

Barcelona's most popular sport is soccer. They're in it to win it!