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The Vikings won the most recent faceoff between these two teams.

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Q: Who will win vikings or 49ers?
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Who you think will win 49ers or Ravens?

I think 49ers will win.

What are the release dates for NFL Follow Your Team 49ers - 2007 Week 3 49ers at Vikings Game Highlights?

NFL Follow Your Team 49ers - 2007 Week 3 49ers at Vikings Game Highlights was released on: USA: September 2009

Who will win Vikings or the jets?


Who will win super bowl 49?

The 49ers!

Who would win San Francisco 49ers or Carolina Panthers?

the 49ers.

What NFL team will win Super Bowl 47 49ers or Ravens?

The Ravens will win, 34-31, over the 49ers.

Who will win 49ers or saints?

The saints will definitely win!

How many Super Bowls did the Vikings win?

The Vikings have yet to win a Super Bowl.

Who would win spartins or vikings?

the vikings

Who will win in the vikings game today?


Are the 49ers going to win?


Who is going to win the 2011 Super Bowl?

we all know the 49ers and greenbay packers are going to the superball.The 49ers will win because first they didn't go against the 49ers and there 11-0.Plus the 49ers have five superbowl rings and the packers only have three.

What are the release dates for NFL on FOX - 1994 San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings 19-3?

NFL on FOX - 1994 San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings 19-3 was released on: USA: 23 September 2012

What team tied for the most fumbles in the NFL?

Minnesota Vikings and the San Francisco 49ers

What is tom cruise's favorite football team?

New York Jets

Who is going to win the superbowl this year?

I think that this year the 49ers are going to win. Last year, the Ravens won but only by 3 points. The 49ers were missing a small talent that they have now. They have Anquan Boldin. It will be really hard for the 49ers NOT to win, unless there is an injury from a good player.

Did the 49ers win yesterday?

As of today, no.

What years did the dolphi ns play in the super bowl?

1971 (loss to Cowboys) - 1972 (17-0 season, win over Redskins) - 1973 (win over Vikings) - 1982 (strike year, loss to Redskins) - 1984 (Marino's 5,000 yard year, loss to 49ers).

Who will win between Minnesota Vikings and Washington Redskins?

The vikings

Will the Giants win the NFC Championship Game?

No, the 49ers will win 27-19

When did vikings win the super bowl?

The Vikings have never won a superbowl.

How many championships did the 49ers win?


When was the last 49ers superbowl win?


Who does Gino Torretta play for?

He's now retired, he played for the Vikings, Lions, 49ers, Seahawks, and Colts

What nfl teams have gone 14-2 in history?

Patriots, Bears, 49ers, Colts, Vikings, Steelers.