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Obviously Liverpool.

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Q: Who will win the match between Manchester United and Liverpool?
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Who won the Manchester United vs Liverpool match?

Liverpool 2 - 0 Manchester UnitedFernando Torres, David Ngog

Where can one find information on up coming matches between Manchester United and Liverpool FC?

You can visit the team websites for both Manchester United and Liverpool FC to find their match schedules. The BBC also has a match schedule for the entire league.

Who won the January 13 2013 match between Liverpool and Manchester United?

Manchester United reigned supreme over Liverpool in a 2-1 victory on January 13, 2013. The victory of the match is often credited to player Robin van Persie.

How many goals will be scored in the first half of the match between Manchester United?

There isn't a match between Manchester and United.

When did Liverpool last beat Manchester United 4 - 1 at home?

This score has never occurred in a Liverpool v. Manchester United match, although Liverpool beat Manchester United 1 - 4 playing away from home on March 14, 2009.

Who will win in the match Manchester United vs Liverpool?

It is soccer anyone can win May be Man United or Liverpool FC , or it may be draw also

When man utd played against Liverpool in the 08 - 09 season what was the score?

The first match in September 2008 at Anfield was Liverpool 2 Manchester United 1. The second match in March 2009 was one of the matches of the season, Manchester United 1 Liverpool 4.

When did Manchester United last lose a Preimer League Match?

Manchester United last lost a premier league match to their biggest rivals, Liverpool. They lost 3-1 at Anfield on 06/03/2011.

When was the last time Manchester United lost a premier league match?

It was in March 2009 they lost to Liverpool and Fulham.

What is Manchester United's rival?

Our most bitter rivalry is with Liverpool FC Our derby rivalry is with Manchester City FC We also have a big rival match with Arsenal FC Liverpool is the one with the most hate in it though

Why pronounce 'v' as 'and'?

Can you supply an example of this? The only use of 'v' I can think of (in English) is where it stands for 'versus'. For example 'The football match was Manchester v Liverpool', meaning 'The football match was Manchester against Liverpool'. Perhaps some people would read this as '... Manchester and Liverpool'. Is that what you mean?

Is Liverpool better Manchester United?

Manchester United have snatched every single cup title without losing a single match in there history since 1872 so no actually Man U are the better team.

Where could one view clips from Liverpool v Manchester United matches?

One can view clips from Liverpool vs. Manchester United matches online or on television. Often, sports highlights on television will pull clips from these games. YouTube tends to have match highlights as well.

How many fouls were committed in the final match between Barcelona and Manchester United?

Barcelona made 5 fouls , Manchester United made16 fouls.

What is a derby game?

It is a match between two local rival teams, for example Manchester City Vs Manchester United.

What was the result of the first ever Premier League encounter between Manchester United and Arsenal?

The first match between Arsenal and Manchester United in the Premier League took place on November 28, 1992 at Highbury. The match finished 0 - 1 to Manchester United, with a 27th minute goal from Mark Hughes.

What was the scoreline in the game between Manchester United and Manchester City in the Community Shield match in the 2011 to 2012 season?

The result in the Community Shield for 2011/2012 was Manchester City 2 - 3 Manchester United.

There are 50000 people at a football match between Manchester United and Tottenham if 60 percent of the spectators are Manchester United supporters how many people at the match support Tottenham?

30,000 Tottenham fans, 20,000 Glory hunters... I mean United fans.

How many players in Manchester United play in a match?

Only 11 players from Manchester United can play at a time.

When is kick off for Manchester united vs Ajax Europa league 2012?

The Europa League match between Manchester United and Ajax kicked off at 20:05 GMT.

Who won against Manchester united recently in a football match?

leeds united

Who won the Manchester united vs Newcastle football match on the 12th of January 2008?

Manchester United 2 - 0 Newcastle United

When did Ipswich beat Manchester United 6-0?

Ipswich and Manchester United have faced off on 56 competitive occasions since their first match in the FA Cup in the 1957-58 season, which Manchester United won 2 - 0. A 6 - 0 Ipswich home victory occurred during the 1979-80 season, on March 1, 1980 - which came four and a half months after a 1 - 0 Manchester United win earlier in the season. Manchester United finished the season in second place, two points behind Liverpool F.C., beating Liverpool at home four weeks before the season's end - though a 4 - 1 Liverpool victory coupled with a 2 - 0 Manchester United loss on the last day of the season meant that the title went Liverpool's way.

Last player transferred from Manchester to Liverpool?

The last first team player transferred from Man Utd to Liverpool was Phil Chisnall. He was the centre forward in the first match on Match of the Day but only played a few games for Liverpool.

Which was the last team to beat Manchester United 6 - 0?

The last team to beat Manchester United 6 - 0 was Ipswich Town, on March 1, 1980. Manchester United finished second in the league in that season, to Liverpool. Interestingly, all of the top seven teams lost their final Division One match of the 1979-80 sesaon.