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is that a question or what? Michael Jordan will win it in terms of how he has done in the game of Basketball and in the NBA.. Jordan has many achievements rather than lebron.. he can overtake it but he can never erase it..

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 21:46:27
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Q: Who will win out of LeBron James and Michael Jordan?
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Who would win in a basketball game lebron James or Micheal Jordan?

Now? Lebron would win, since Michael Jordan is in his 50s. However, LeBron would likely lose against a young Michael Jordan.

Could Michael Jordan beat LeBron James one on one?

Currently, no, as Michael Jordan is not in his prime. If they were both in their prime, I suspect Lebron James would win because of his strength. Michael Jordan would not be able to keep up physically with LeBron, although he would be able to keep up skill wise. Jordan would win cause of his basketball IQ

Did lebron James win against michal jorden?

No, Lebron did not come into the until after Jordan retired.

Who was the youngest to win the first ring Kobe Bryant or LeBron James?

Lebron James

How much mvps did LeBron James win?

Lebron James won MVP once.

How many championships is LeBron James going to win?

LeBron James is going to win 4 to 5 championship rings when he retires

What is LeBron James objective?

To win championships

Who would win one on one between LeBron James vs Dwyane Wade?

lebron James

Will LeBron James win a ring?

yes he is boy

Can LeBron James win the finals?

heck yeah

Who will win nba 2012 mvp?

Lebron James

Which high profile basketball players watched Michael Phelps win his eighth gold medal?

Kobe Bryant and lebron James

Who would win in a battle Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan?

Jorden would win.

Why is Michael Jordan determined to win?

he is awsome

How many cups did Lebron James win?

123 V

What all-star will win the 2014 mvp?

Lebron James

How many awards did Michael Jordan win?

Michael jeffery Jordan won 105 awards in his career

Did Michael Jordan win three consecutive mvps?

yes Michael Jordan won three awards.......

When did Michael Jordan win championship?

1993 answered by Logan Michael

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