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it is going to a good match but i think that nikki will pin her sister arm down in 3 minutes.

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Q: Who will win in arm wrestling Nikki or brie Bella?
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What did Bella challenge Emmett to after she was turned into a vampire?


Who did Bella beat in arm wrestling after she became a vampire?

Emmet Cullen :)

When do Emmett and Bella have an arm wrestle?

Emmett and Bella have an arm wrestle in the book "Breaking Dawn" during Bella and Edward's wedding reception. Emmett challenges Bella to a friendly arm wrestling match, which ends with Bella surprising everyone by winning.

Who is the strongest vampire in Breaking Dawn?

BELLA of course she beats Emmett in a arm wrestling fight

When did edward ask Bella for a favor to do after she was immortal?

He asked her to challenge Emmett to an arm wrestling match.

Who wins in an arm-wrestling contest in Breaking Dawn 2?

In Breaking Dawn 2, Bella Cullen wins her arm-wrestle with Emmett Cullen.

What did Emmett have to stop doing if Bella won the arm wrestling match in breaking dawn?

He had to stop making 'sexual innenduos' about her, and her mate, Edward.

Does Emmett and Bella always get along?

warning plot stealer ---- He is nice to her all the time except when she beats him in an arm wrestling match after she was changed

What did Bella challenge emmet after she becomes a vampire?

To a arm wrestling match and Bella told Emmet if she won no more commenting on her sex life and if Emmet won he said it was going to get a lot worse.

Is being addicted to arm wrestling normal?

Why wouldn't it be normal? It's just arm wrestling.

When was Arm Wrestling - video game - created?

Arm Wrestling - video game - was created in 1985.

When did Arm Wrestling - video game - happen?

Arm Wrestling - video game - happened in 1985.