Who will win duke vs North Carolina?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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UNC ACC Regular season champs

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Q: Who will win duke vs North Carolina?
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What is roy Williams record vs duke at North Carolina?

Roy Williams' record versus Duke at North Carolina is 8-9.

Who is considered la biggest rival?

north carolina vs. duke

What is North Carolina's basketball head to head record vs ucla?

head to head record duke vs carolina

What is the win loss record of Duke vs. North Carolina in college basketball?

According to, as of the start of the 2007-08 season, UNC leads the series 127-96.

What is bigger rivalry duke vs unc Yankees vs red sox Kentucky vs louisville Florida vs Florida st or lakers vs celtics?

Duke V.S. North Carolina is the big sports rivalry

How much do Duke vs North Carolina basketball tickets cost?

The cost for tickets to a Duke verse North Carolina basketball game will vary depending on the seat. They start at $36 and go up to $96.

Name of a battle that took place in North Carolina?

The Battle of Bentonville was the largest North Carolina battle of the US Civil War and see the Cowpens National Battlefield as a major Revolutionary war battle.

What Super Bowls did the New England Patriots win?

2001 vs St Louis 2003 vs Carolina 2004 vs Philadelphia

When was the first duke vs Carolina basketball game?

One of the first notable duke-unc games was when duke upsetted them on March 2, 1968, though the history no doubt goes as far back as the early 1960's.

Korea vs US who will win in a war?

South Korea vs USA - USA wins North Korea vs USA - Draw?

What is 2009 homecoming date of university of Alabama?

October 17, 2009 vs North Carolina

What NCAA teams made the Final Four in 2007?

it was the jayhawks vs duke jayhawks won then Oklahoma vs ( sorry i don't know) but Oklahoma won in chapionship jayhawks and Oklahoma and jayhawks won against impossible odds because ou was averging 103 points just youtube kansas jayhawks 1988 click on 1st video for more info